Filipino Marvel Superhero confronts Chinese heroine in Philippine waters

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The upcoming comic-book entitled Marvel War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas which will soon feature a Filipino heroine called ‘Wave’. A recent tweet from its writer shows a scene where she confronted another Chinese heroine named ‘Aero’ or Lei Ling for venturing close to Philippine waters. Here’s the tweeted photo of the comic-book writer Greg Pak below.

It seems that the writer was inspired in the recent spat between China and the Philippines over the West Philippine Sea. And that the scene appears to be a wakeup call for all Filipinos to come and defend the motherland and assert our claim over these seas. Duterte’s defeatist stance on the issue allowed China’s expansion unchecked and to the point of losing Sandy Cay which was an important buffer zone between the Chinese controlled Subi Reef and Filipino occupied Thitu Island.

Follow the adventures of the Filipino Marvel heroine in the latest comic book Marvel War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas 

If you want a copy of the comic book. It will be coming out soon next Wednesday.



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