Bikoy video sharer arrested but no investigation on alleged drug-personalities and transactions?

We’ve received confirmation from the NBI Anti Cyber Crime group that they’ve been finally able to track down one of the uploaders who simply shared one of the series of videos accusing members of the First Family along with this most trusted aid Bong Go to be connected in the triad via a confidential document called ‘TARA’. On that particular document, it lists down the bank account numbers and names of principals as well as the exact amount transferred in between the accounts. The video recorded by a hooded figure named ‘Bikoy’ also pointed out the meeting place of the triad and other particular figures behind it.

Ang Totoong Narcolist came from Youtube

The episodes instantly went viral when links of the said video had been shared in many different groups and pages. I for one saw it from some people on my friend’s list who also eagerly shared the link to this Youtube page. So in essence, the video was shared amongst peers in the online community and there was no concerted to efforts to either disrupt or malign the incumbent regime. In fact, the said allegations can easily be put to test if Duterte would simply sign the freaking bank waiver? Or even encourage his cabinet to a full-blown inquiry even if it means investigating the said bank accounts of his own son and of himself.

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What does he have to lose? He is innocent? Right? So does his son? And even his daughter? Shouldn’t we be more interested in the said allegations and how can Duterte disprove them through his gesture of ‘Tapang’ and laying himself bare before the people. Sign the bank waiver? Prove to everyone that he really is the typical ‘Carenderia’ and ‘Mosquito Net’ president? Why is this so hard to do?

Sharing libelous content in social media should not make you criminally liable

The Supreme Court already junked provisions ”who aid or abet online libel” under the Republic Act 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 back in February, 2014.  Simply because you are not the actual author or creator of the offending content. So say if Pedro writes a libelous statement on a whiteboard outside his house calling you a thief and then Juan a neighbor who passes by used his marker and wrote ”I like it..” doesn’t actually mean that ‘Juan’s intentions would have been to defame you to such extent but simply its an extension of his right to free speech which means ”he liked the statement” doesn’t mean he actually made them to attack you?

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Especially given the nature of how social media sites operate using complex algorithms. So it doesn’t come to be much of a surprise if any content that gets a significant number of shares and engagements will most likely go viral. So it is not intentional to the sharer anyways because whenever he ‘interact’ to this content the post will still going to be shown to his friends without his or her permission. It’s like ”Juan likes this” ”Juan comments on this post” etc.

“In the Internet, if someone posts a blog, or a tweet or some comment against you, you have the full right to answer him in kind and you don’t have to pay him anything.”

“Someone calls you names? Then you call him back with names too and all the rest will fill in with their own opinions. That is the basic idea of the marketplace of ideas,” she said. “If you limit the conversation to what you think should be the proper subject of civil discourse then in that sense you are limiting the people’s right to express themselves.” – Sen Miriam Santiago.

Duterte’s DOJ arrested the video sharer but not investigate certain drug personalities and transactions?

Perhaps, the most ironic thing about Duterte’s supposed ‘Anti Drug’ policy is that he’s been constantly silent on drug-related issues linked to his allies, friends and even to his family. He’s not so keen on investigating or even rallying his own men to lay bare the said allegations in the interest of the public trust. Why is the appalling tenacity to defend his family from such accusations by harassing the accuser or witnesses and even a lowly blogger and uploader such as Rodel Jayme of ‘Metro Balita’.

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So who is Rodel Jayme? He is the administrator of the website ‘’ which appeared to be a news website. He’s been also identified as a staunch supporter of the former president Aquino as seen in his social-media posts and accounts. He also has photos of some Liberal Party politicians including Leni Robredo. But this doesn’t justify the fact that he merely shared the post and he is not the author of the offending content.

Drug allegations in Bikoy video against Duterte were not inciting sedition – law expert

So I spoke to a lawyer friend in Davao who also do not approve of Duterte and in fact, had one of his family members fell victim to Duterte death squads. He said that the videos uploaded in Youtube by this hooded character ‘Bikoy’ weren’t really tantamount to ‘inciting to sedition’. Because the video merely alleges drug connections of the Duterte family which merits a full-blown investigation and not inciting to rebellion or sedition as Department of Justice asserts them to be?

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This witchhunt, in my opinion, is absolutely pointless. Why can’t Duterte ask his officials? His investigators to look into the ‘Bikoys’ allegations more closely? Investigate every bank account numbers? Every bank transactions? If that was not enough — just sign the freaking bank waiver? Isn’t this so simple? Remember when Duterte manufactured a fake bank account of Senator Trillanes? All the good senator did was to sign a bank waiver to end Duterte’s nonsense tirades? And then in jest – challenged him to do the same — which is, of course, he categorically refused.

Exposing the drug-related transactions and including the personalities involved is of the ”public’s interest” and should not be inciting sedition! Shouldn’t we be interested in putting an end to these drug operations once for all? Akala ko ba Anti Drugs tayo?

So what do you think about Rodel Joyme’s arrest? For me, it reeks with political bias. Just because he is not a compatriot of Duterte’s propaganda machine then he is easy pray to personal and bullying attacks against his persons. In fact, right now I’ve seen several pieces of memes depicting him in a bad light. It’s really sad that Filipinos were far more interested in cheap discussions like this instead of actually caring for the country.

As expected yet again. These barrage of memes will surely put ‘Bikoys’ allegations aside and focus on the person who shared them rather than the actual content of the message. The general mood of the public was on to the ‘Anti Dilawan’ rhetoric again. Blurting out edited photos of him. Realy? Is this so important than thousands of people being butchered down the streets? plunderers freed by Duterte? Charter Change which promises to give him unlimited martial law and unlimited term? Onerous deals from China?

To what end will the people finally be awakened from these atrocities? Until it’s too late?

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