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Bato peed his pants defending China during the CNN Senatorial debates?

Of all of Duterte’s prime evils. Bato is the only one who accepted the challenge and attended the CNN Senatorial Debate. Facing him is the witty, charismatic and dependable candidates of Otso Diretso. My oh my.. Bato might have been feeling the chills? Though in all entirety of the debate, he stuttered and trembled at every syllable of his words sometimes desperately trying to emulate a ‘Duterte’ senseless ramble and quick short witted inaccurate statements. Such was the norm for almost every Hugpong candidate facing the audience and being asked with very demanding questions. All they can do to get an easy get-away with it is to use ”fake news” themed statements which echoed the same language you’d encounter for a normal rank-and-file troll warrior.

Here’s the photo going viral in the Internet Bato’s alleged ”wewe” moments

Here’s the full video. Just in case you want a recap.

Bato went wild when senatorial candidates questions PH-China deals and encroachment of WPS

When the question moved over the issue with onerous deals between Duterte and China as well as it’s supposed encroachment in the West Philippine Sea . It seems that this question was too much for Bato Dela Rosa and he then went wild blurting out possible justifications as to why such speculation of ”onerous” deal be so far-fetched. Or is not? Surely, Bato dela Rosa hinges his argument on the fact that the information about the deal was not entirely correct even saying that the accusers may not have even asked for the official copy of the document from Malacañang.

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Funny, shouldn’t the Filipino people deserve the truth? Shouldn’t Bato who runs under ‘Hugpong’ tapang at malasakit — be brave enough to compel his commander-in-chief in Malacañang to release the official version of the PH-China deal? Hiding the facts and parameters around such deals from the people is doing them a great disservice. And it doesn’t bode well for an aspiring Senatorial candidate like Bato Dela Rosa.

Now you’d wonder – is Bato working for China or the Philippines? His aggressive stance on this issues looks like he’s just trying the win the argument through transcripts straight from the troll-handbook. Blaming the previous admin on WPS issue? Asking the ordinary people who disagreed with PH-China relations to go attack the WPS’s with guns? etc. These sort of statements you can read off in social-media and it seems that Bato Dela Rosa may have just xerox-copied the transcript from a Troll Call Center.

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I know. I want to be impressed by Bato. Of course? He’s a fellow ‘Bisaya’ like me. And I want to hear the right set of arguments that would change my mind or maybe present accurate facts and evidences to defend his claim rather than just dawdling non-sense by stirring the crowd with ”fake news” themed ad-lib. Of course? It worked on Duterte so why shouldn’t it now work now?

Bato also claimed that he’s one vs eight. Really?

The part where Bato Dela Rosa claimed that he’s being ganged up by the Otso Diretso candidates is just completely false in so many levels. Did he not remember how many times the Otso Diretso candidates challenged Hugpong for a debate? And how many times did ‘Hugpong’ declined? Many.. many.. many times. All of Duterte’s prime-evils declined to appear and reason with Otso Diretso candidate.s Or even as simple sharing their platforms, ideas, plans and or provide feedback on some of the many pressing issues in our country today.

So Bato’s statement here really doesn’t carry any weight. Had Hugpong candidates accepted the debate offer of Otso Diretso — then he wouldn’t be outnumbered. In fact, he and his clown friends would surely outnumber the Otso Diretso candidates

Image result for bato dela rosa debate cnn

Not to mention that only Alejano, Gutoc, Macalintal, Hilbay, Tañada and Diokno attended the said event. There’s no Bam Aquino or even Mar Roxas so that makes it ‘six’ and not ‘eight’ just as Bato claimed. But surely he’s been demolished and hammered down to a pulp — none of his senseless arguments rein in that ‘aha’ clamor from the crowd. In fact, he received a lot ‘boos’ from the audience prompting him to call them out. With so much pressure in his head and I can only wonder what Bato Dela Rosa felt during the debate.

Maybe? — this ordeal made him accidentally ”pee” in his pants?

I hope that everyone now have solid grasp on the kind of candidates these Hugpong senator aspirants are. Especially the likes of Bong Go which I’m sure we haven’t really heard from any single debate or forum for the past few weeks now. Instead, he prefer to languished his time giving away stuff and buying people with his money rather than his platforms and stance on pressing issues to benefit the country and our people in the long term.

By watching how ‘Bato de la Rosa’ reacts, speaks and reasons out during the debates is an important preview on the rest of the Hugpong candidates and why they’d prefer not to engage the Otso Diretso candidates in a debate fearing that they too might suffer the same breakdown as Bato Dela Rosa. Well… too early for us to say whether Bato dela Rosa will win or not. But we’ll know for sure.

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