Philippine military contradicted Duterte’s fake ouster plot

Many intelligence experts in the military and the police downplay any possible ouster plots against Duterte as he bared down a list of journalists and rights group who were collaborating with the drug-whistleblower ‘Bikoy’ who uploaded a series of videos in Youtube exposing the Duterte family’s drug links including the bank documents and details about their participation in the syndicate including other personalities bared to have been connected to it. However, ever since the first part of the video was released online and has since been re-shared and re-uploaded in different websites, forums, message boards and social media pages which garnered millions of likes, views, and engagements. Still many of Duterte controlled Senators in the Senate refused to re-open the probe against his son Paolo Duterte’s involvement in the illegal drugs.

“There is always that possibility about groups wanting to oust him, but as of now, we have not seen any specific threat,” –  Armed Forces of the Philippines Public Affairs Office chief Colonel Noel Detoyato.

So two-days ago. The Arroyo controlled Manila Times published a breaking news story with headline ”Oust-Duterte Plot bared” by none other than ‘Dante Ang’. A close friend and ally of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and of course now a great ally of the Duterte family. In fact, he languished an important position in Duterte’s cabinet as the Special Envoy of the President for International Public Relations since May of 2017.

However, due to the technical nature of the ‘Email footprints” which I’ve already debunked on my other blog post. The entire story is just pure nonsense. Reason being? Is the blatant use of 266 in the DNS Server address which should have been a value of 0 to 255 as a standard for ‘octets’packets for data transmission.

Sarah Duterte and PNP don’t seem convinced with Manila Times column

Philippine National Police Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde also said that they are not monitoring any such plot.

“As of this time, we don’t have specific evidence on that,” Albayalde said, referring to the allegations in the Manila Times report though he clarified in jest that they’re always in the lookout for such possibility and is ready to act in short notice to defend their President. Also, quite surprisingly even Duterte’s own daughter is not really sure on the accuracy of the purported claim of Dante Ang in his column and would be keen to know the man behind these reports so she can verify its authenticity.

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