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Earthquakes should be part of the ‘Oust Duterte’ matrix according to Duterte supporters

The Philippines has since been hit by several earthquakes this month starting from Marcos home province in Ilocos up to the Visayan islands in Cebu and Samar which is the strongest at a magnitude of 6.5 based in Phivolcs National Seismic Network data. And along with many who expressed their concerns and fears in social-media there were also others most notably the fanatical Duterte supporters who blamed the ‘Dilawans’ for the recent spate of earthquakes in the last couple of days.

The most recent one earthquake which hit the Visayas has the following intensities recorded:

  • Intensity VI – San Julian, Eastern Samar
  • Intensity V – Tacloban City; Catbalogan City, Samar; General MacArthur, Salcedo, and Guiuan, Eastern Samar; Naval, Biliran; Catarman, Northern Samar; Palo and Pastrana, Leyte
  • Intensity IV – Abuyog, Hilongos, Javier, Capoocan, Julieta, Baybay, Barogo, Jaro, MacArthur, Matalum, and Villaba, Leyte; San Francisco, Southern Leyte; Bislig City, Surigao del Sur; Iloilo City; Naga City; Sorsogon City; Panganiban, Catanduanes
  • Intensity III – Binalbagan, Negros Occidental; Cabalian, Southern Leyte; Dimasalang, Masbate; Butuan City; Cabadbaran City
  • Intensity II – Bago City; Bacolod City

Though I agree that this is something that we ought to be concerned about right now and I’m glad that there isn’t much damage to property and loss of lives. However, there’s perhaps one of the other most alarming and mind-breaking story which came out days ago. And that would be Duterte’s well-crafted flow-chart based document of supposed media organizations and outfits linked to the anonymous whistleblower named ‘Bikoy’ who bared the first family’s drug links and banking transactions including the meeting place of the drug syndicates.

The Oust Duterte plot? Or Expose Duterte plot?

The funny thing about the supposed ”matrix” which accused veteran journalist Ellen Tordesillas, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Rappler, lawyers, etc are the same people who ironically in the past criticized and exposed Duterte’s incessant lying, his hidden wealth and his blatant disregard of human rights. So basically these people on his list were people that Duterte himself has a personal beef with and would love to exploit every opportunity to shame, attack and silence them.

So the recent episodes of ‘Ang Totoong Narcolist” gave him this twisted idea of linking credible media institutions so maybe he can soon use his legal lynching squads to crush them right?

But now, presuming that these alleged personalities did collaborate with ‘Bikoy’ at one point to release these videos. I know its too far-fetch and I personally don’t believe that its really possible that these media organizations, journalists and rights groups be connected with ‘Bikoy’ but for the benefit of the article let’s say – Duterte’s matrix was right about it and that PCIJ, Rappler, etc did helped Bikoy exposed Duterte by showing pertinent documents linking his daughter and his son to the illegal drug trade.

Does this automatically mean that Duterte will be ousted? Of course not. If Bikoy’s allegations were likely probable in the sense that he knows certain information such as Bong Go’s tattoo which was seemed to have been laser-removed and then Paolo’s dragon tattoo which until he hasn’t even shown yet. Then this in itself merits a thorough inquiry and investigation. In fact, on Bikoy’s latest episode he mentioned that he is more than willing to face the people should he be compelled to appear in the right forum.

This is why I wonder why is this even called an ‘Oust Duterte’ plot in the first place when in fact alias ‘Bikoy’ was merely releasing some sensible documents, naming public persons as well as encouraging the government to use their enormous resources and inflated intelligence fund to investigate these serious allegations even if it is meant probing the Chief Executive’s family himself for the sake of transparency and the people need to know the truth right?

Image result for oust duterte matrix

Flawed email tracking analysis – So much for the intel budget yes?

Now, this is the fun part. If you look closely on Duterte’s supposed oust-Duterte plot matrix wherein he said that the following email server from linked a video of an uploader coming from which was then accessed by an IP Address used by veteran journalist Ellen Tordesillas using an email address Now in between and website is what we call a ‘DNS’ server which is said to have been

So if you look at the part where I labeled the IP Address of the DNS server ‘266’ this is semantically wrong. Here’s why.

  1. The international standard IEC 60027-2, states that a byte is an octet of bits. However, the unit byte has historically been platform-dependent and has represented various storage sizes in the history of computing. Due to the influence of several major computer architectures and product lines, the byte became overwhelmingly associated with eight bits. This meaning of byte is codified in such standards as ISO/IEC 80000-13. And since an IP Address consists of four octets then it could only have a value within the range of 0 or if we look at the document it instead shows a value of 266 then it really doesn’t make any sense as that would mean that this is no longer an ‘octet‘ and any sort of data of transmission would have been totally impossible.
  2. The DNS Server for both and were completely different. So where did came from?

Image may contain: text


Duterte supporters claiming recent earthquakes were part of the matrix

As I scoured through different pages and groups trying to find out the likely source of this matrix. I stumbled upon conversations in the comment section between Duterte’s hardcore supporters about the recent spate of earthquake incidents all over the country. And I was completely mind-blown. Unimaginable. Here’s the conversation :

And then Duterte supporters were talking about some sort of American technology which creates earthquakes and that the so-called ‘Dilawan’s were colluding with the Americans to distract the people about the recently exposed matrix. Many people seemed to agree with this statement more than ever and in fact, most of the comment sections and online conversations seemed to be centered around this and many people actually believed them no matter how preposterous they can be.


What do you think about this? Do you think it’s possible that such technology exists? And that the ever-so-powerful ‘Dilawans’ who lost 2016 elections colluded with the Americans to make such powerful ‘Earthquake’ weaponry? If you believe in such blatant lie — you might as well need to get yourself checked by a doctor.

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