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Duterte’s PCOO working with Russian Fake News agency Sputnik to disseminate propaganda messages

It is undeniable that the Duterte government has been working closely with Russian and Chinese propaganda experts in manipulating the public through disinformation and the use of massive numbers of trolls attacking various point of contact and hijacking online discussions in their own favor. We’ve known this for a quite a while now. With over thousands of Duterte fake accounts, pages and blog sites banned in Facebook for spreading malicious content designed to manipulate the masses and invoke a false sense of outrage over fabricated issues.

Russian Fake News agency ‘Sputnik’

We’ve heard about the legendary PCOO Philippine News Agency who for so many times publishes awkwardly stupid content which was completely baseless or just plain non-sense. And the funny part is that this agency was quite funded more than the previous administrations due to the fact that it now has latest additions to its staff including the now resigned Fake News Queen in social media Mocha Uson.

Sputnik news agency

Just last November. The PCOO enters into a ‘news exchange’ deals with Sputnik which was known to have been the main propagator of fake news which hijacked the US Presidential Elections. This has since been confirmed by Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher and has removed “multiple pages, groups, and accounts that engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook and Instagram.” Facebook said it was removing the pages on the basis that the people behind the activity “coordinated with one another and used fake accounts to misrepresent themselves.”

Sounds familiar? These are fake accounts or automated trolls designed to create an impression of numerical superiority which gives them the combined ability to hijack online conversations and sway the prevailing mood and public opinion to their own narrative. Usually, they used scrape automated responses and crafted pages and blogs swarming with fake news content designed to manipulate people who read them.

Duterte’s PCOO will soon unleash its new fake-news superpowers?

I sure believe will. Working closely with Russian operatives who’s been primarily accused and in fact been proven by Facebook themselves for using online propaganda networks and inauthentic behaviour is actually going to work well in Duterte’s PCOO’s favor as they’ve already this back in 2016 where many people have fell victim to organized propaganda networks making Duterte even more popular than he already is online. The aftershocks of Duterte’s weaponized social-media trolls and blogs are still felt until today. They didn’t pull the plug behind the operation as they have now found its usefulness and effectiveness in their own favor.

NEWS COOPERATION. The Philippine News Agency and Russia's Sputnik are expected to enter into an agreement on news cooperation.

What new surprises will PCOO share out from Sputnik news-exchange deal will be something to look out for. I’m sure it’s going to be something that would put Duterte’s so-called achievements so revered and admired by the International community  — sadly only China and Russia. who sympathizes with Duterte’s bid for dictatorial powers. The ploy messaging will be more direct and more simplistic to the point where it portrays the underdog and grossly criticized Duterte administration doing wonders despite all the criticisms is just stuff of fantasy which Duterte supporters were currently living in. It’s the prevailing mindset for most people which is why many continue to support his brutal drug-war and non-sense speeches and misogynistic jokes. To them, it really doesn’t matter as long as he gets things done. But did he?

PCOO 1.474-billion taxpayer money — all we get is Russian fake news?

You know I couldn’t agree more but its really pointless in giving this agency that much attention and funding when almost everything it does was to collude with authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China simply to learn how to use ‘propaganda messages’ designed to misinform and fool the populace in order to exert control over them. This is the reason why China and Russia maintain such vast propaganda networks is to keep its citizens divided on certain issues and keeping the narrative always in their favor. I don’t understand why PCOO is trying to imitate how Russia and China propagate similar type of messaging when these countries greatly differ from ours who were vibrant democracies and our government hinges on transparency and human rights guarantees. Such thing does not exist in China or Russia — so I don’t see how PCOO is going to benefit entirely of this so-called — ”news exchange” with Sputnik (Russian fake news agency).

Brace yourselves 2019 – Looks like they are getting better in manipulating the masses through propaganda messages so we can expect a lot more content from Duterte’s PCOO and its clandestine networks of fake news operatives around the country.

Whatever that is. Keep your eyes open. Always, always fact-check information published by PCOO or any of the Duterte branded pages, persons and groups – if in doubt. You can always send me your questions and I will try to answer them as I am able.

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