Couple killed by riding in tandem were hardcore DDS

Just a few nights ago. A couple was shot dead by unidentified men. In the CCTV footage it shows that couple stopped right near the intersection of S.B. Cabahug Street and A.C. Cortes Avenue in Barangay Ibabao, Mandaue City whilst waiting for the traffic signal to change. Two men on motorcycle also stopped beside them and started firing. The couple died on the spot and the assailants took with them a bagful of cash estimated to have worth around 200,000 pesos.

It was very tragic. Especially the fact that their daughter was also along with them during the attack and was thrown off the motorcycle when it crashed after her father was shot. Along with her wounds and fractures,  she will also face the fact that she just lost her parents in the hands of masked assassins. Her situation is common in almost thousands of drug-war orphans who’s future are as bleak as our country’s national conscience.

The police instantly came up with a story to link the couple in the illegal drug trade — but has no concrete evidence

Adding insult to injury, the police instead came up with a convenient story that the couple were actually just part of illegal drug trade and that the events may have been just conflicts between warring drug cartels in the country. Really? This is the lamest excuse the Mandaue police could came up with. So it doesn’t matter now that someone’s get killed because they’re linked to drugs? Will this stoiry be just a convenient excuse to justify Duterte’s drug-war as not state sanctioned per se?

However, families and friends even people who works closely with the couple in their RTW business disagrees with the police findings even as far as posting hundreds of chain letters and messages in social-media decrying such deliberate spread of disinformation by no less than the Mandaue police themselves with the intent to destroy the victims credibility and ensure passive public perception of the incident? That we can be too sure as this has always been part of the trend since Duterte assumed office in 2016 and ordered the indiscriminate butchery of his own citizens and also citing reports and testimonies of witnesses that the police were operating on a ”quota” system where the more drug suspects they kill is the more money they get.

The irony of supporting the mass-butcherer Duterte yet fell victim to his death-squads

A sad fact on most victims of Duterte’s drug-war is that many of them were actually rabid supporters of Duterte whom were even active in social-media as volunteer trolls justifying his vicious war on drugs campaign as a necessary means of ridding the country of illegal drugs and criminality. I know. I’ve seen their passion and their commitment to Duterte’s cause. The reason being is that I have once been one of them way back in 2016 so I’ve seen this happening in most of the Pro Duterte crowds.

Jennilyn Olayres, center, cries as she follows the hearse carrying the coffin of her partner Michael Siaron during his burial at a cemetery in Manila on Aug. 3, 2016. Siaron was killed by suspected vigilantes on July 22 acting on President Rodrigo Duterte's call to kill all the country's alleged drug dealers

Duterte Supporter = Pro EJk

The equation is pretty simple. You can’t be a full-pledged hardcore solid Duterte supporter without supporting extra-judicial killings. And I’m sure you must adhere to the same fallacy that most of your comrades believe in that ‘EJK’ is the only solution to rid the country of illegal drugs. As most netizens would call it ”Obosen mentality” and there’s been thousands of them; brutish, vile, irrational and most of all cruel against people who disagrees with them. Even as far as shutting off and antagonizing family members and friends who values morality. decency and human rights as mere enemies of the state. The transformation of the ‘Obosen’ mentality is brought about by the incessant barrage of propaganda messages in social-media which helped create an environment that allowed hatred to fester and poison the people’s minds.

Social media is being used to justify extra-judicial killings — it must be stopped

Much of Duterte’s higher popularity ratings can instantly be attributed to his propagators of fake news and social-media trolls flooding message boards, comment section and news pages with memes and articles about Duterte. In doing so, Duterte were able to maintain absolute control to the Filipino people. The power of social-media claws beyond the offline universe as anyone who was not yet even online is actually even more prone to disinformation than those who uses the Internet pretty often. My point is that Facebook should crack down on social-media pages supporting  Duterte’s drug-war once and for all to minimize the effect of its propaganda campaign to dissuade the people from supporting human-rights causes.

Ultimately, our battle against EJK’s will continue until Duterte himself irrevocably ordered a cease-fire of his drug war and of course until he conceded impartial probe from International organizations if he really did ordered the killings and which officials were part of this brutal scheme?

I pray and I hope that the couple whom Duterte’s death squads murdered few nights ago shall have their soul in peace. Also, I’m looking forward as to be able to get in touch with their daughter and offer any possible help I can. This coming 21st will be our first ad payout. Will use it to offer our assistance to the family. 🙂

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