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PNP used to harass mountain brgys to support for Duterte’s 2019 Election bets

A fiery and detailed post from Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña about several incidents of gun-strafing, threats and intimidation of several mountain brgy chiefs presumably due to the fact these leaders don’t support Pro Duterte candidates. In his post, he bared how the PNP Checkpoint allowed a group unidentified men to pass through undetected despite leaving behind a live .45 pistol round outside  Captain Bacayan’s house. Here’s what he said on the post.


According to Tomas Osmeña Facebook post :

At 8PM last Friday, unidentified police personnel went to the house of Agsungot captain Peter Damaolao. When the person who answered the door said Kap Peter was not there and asked them why they were looking for him, they left without answering. They also refused to identify themselves.

Less than 20 minutes later, police set up a “checkpoint” near the water refilling station ran by Buot-Taup captain Richard Bacayan. Shortly after that, three ununiformed men approached the water refilling station and said they were looking for Captain Bacayan. When his wife said he wasn’t there, they left. Left behind on the bench outside the station was one live .45 pistol round.

The police were right by the road leading to the filling station when this happened. It is extremely suspicious that they did not “see” anything. It is equally suspect why they would approach Captain Damaolao’s house in the evening without announcing their intentions and refusing to identify themselves.

If this is the same police that went to the Agsungot captain’s house last week at 1 in the morning with no warrant WHILE WEARING MASKS demanding that he come out so they could “take a picture lang” then this is obviously a case of harassment. An official letter will be drafted demanding to know the identities of the men in the patrol vehicle seen in this CCTV capture. If CCPO refuses to identify the personnel who were in Buot-Taup and Agsungot last night and what they were doing there, and especially if they refuse to help identify the men who left the live round behind or update the people on who was responsible for the 3 strafing incidents that occurred last week, then it is obvious that police leadership is COMPLICIT if not outright RESPONSIBLE for these events.

What say you, CCPO? What say you Labella? Will you continue to defend the police since the only people being harrassed are all BOPK captains? Or are you going to continue to say justify their actions by saying all the people being harassed are “violators” who are subject to “legitimate police operations?”

You can use the police to terrorize the mountains brgys. You can use them to bring their captains to your office. It won’t work. I know it won’t work because I know the history and the culture of the Cebuanos. We are a strong people, indomitable in spirit. We have and will always refuse to bow down the oppressor. I know this because I am from Cebu. Maybe you don’t know this because you’re not from here.

Even with you abusing the police as your own personal goons, you will lose. You will lose BECAUSE of this, in fact. This is Cebuano culture. That you refuse to take the bet about your North slate losing 11-0 is an admission of this fact.

Speaking of bets, tell your running mate to stop being a coward and show up in the debate. It will be worth watching, promise.

Labella is Duterte’s mayoral bet for the city of Cebu under his Hugpong ng Pagbabago. A similar incident occurred in Ronda town where a Duterte supported mayoral candidate harassed a Brgy Captain along with her retinue of armed policemen.  The trend keeps going as the election day inches closer. It seems that Duterte is doing whatever he can to win his fielded candidates in order to ensure that his environment of impunity continues and his hands are washed by the blood of the innocent men and children which he has allowed to be murdered in his useless War on Drugs.

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As of now, the COMELEC seems mum and silent on these issues even the PNP leadership. But we all know these men were just Duterte’s accomplice and will do everything that he says even if it is against the best interest of his own people. The unfathomable selfishness of the man and his brutish nature really does not deserve the people’s trust. I hope one day the Filipino will come together and expose his regime of lies and disinformation designed to divide the people so he can one day achieve his dictatorial dreams.

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