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Argentina sinks Chinese fishing boats operating within its own EEZ like in the West Philippine Sea

The Argentine Mantilla-class patrol vessel Prefecto Derbes shelled and sunk the Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010; all 32 crew members were rescued.  According to the Argentine Coast Guard, the vessel was found fishing illegally within its own Exclusive Economic Zone. After the attack, no further illegal fishing incidents happened in waters around Argentina as Chinese fishing vessels are now afraid of the Argentinian navy.

The Chinese vessel tried to fight back by ramming Argentine coast guard vessel

In a stroke of arrogance, the flagged Chinese vessel tried to bully the Argentine coast-guard who has been attempting to board their ship. The Chinese vessel did several dangerous ramming maneuvers against the Argentine coast guard where it was forced to fire warning shots until it eventually hit the said vessel resulting for it to capsize and sink.  The coast guard rescued four people, including the captain and the others were rescued by other Chinese vessels operating nearby.

Here’s a special report on Youtube ODN News

Meanwhile, Philippines own Exclusive Economic Zone lays undefended by Duterte admin

The greatest irony of it all is that while other countries including some claimants of the South China Sea would rally its navy to defend its seas from the Chinese invaders. The so-called strongman of the Philippines wants to simply hug China’s, Xi Jin Ping and what seemed to a blossoming relationship between countries since the shaky diplomatic ties during the time of the former President Aquino who defended the West Philippine Sea and appointed one of his best brilliant minds including the now senatorial aspirant Florin Hilbay to win the case against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration re-affirming our rights in the West Philippine Sea as well as debunking China’s nine-dashed claim.

Just last year. A lawmaker revealed that Duterte ordered the withdrawal of troops in Sandy Cay which allowed Chinese ships to seize and take control of the area which sits dangerously close to civilian occupied Pag Asa island. This move allowed Chinese vessels to operate even closer to Pag Asa island harassing nearby vessels and testing its defenses.

What is even funnier is that the Filipino’s seemed to be pretty okay about this not realizing it negatively impacts our economy and of course national security. If China continues to control our seas from the West then we’d lost a significant chunk of our national grounds as well as this would give China easy access to Philippine home-islands to smuggle illegal goods such as drugs and weapons. The problem with China is that most of its commercial arm was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party so its foreign business interests can always be swayed to favor party policies. Such as in the case of Huawei who was suspected of selling 5G network systems laced with Chinese spy gadgets.

Chinese money bribed our politicians and funded black propaganda network to divide the people

We already know the masters of online manipulation and propaganda distribution is none other than China themselves. So when people started asking. How could Duterte pull up such a daring campaign of disinformation without being caught? The answer really lies to China’s effective massive social-media propaganda network operating within its bases in the Philippines. The next question would have been pretty simple. Why help Duterte? Of course, as it appears Duterte adopted a sudden ‘defeatist’ stance against China and would give China whatever it wants.

  1. Onerous high-interest loans which will surely surrender our patrimonial assets to China in the event of a default
  2. Chinese manpower is highly preferred by Chinese contractors leaving many Filipinos unemployed
  3. Chinese navy continues to harass our own fishermen in the West Philippine Sea
  4. Chinese navy continues to defy International Law that the West Philippine Sea is ours and they do not have historic rights over them
  5. According to known drug witnesses against De Lima that China is now the key exporter of illegal drugs to the Philippines under Duterte

So long as the people continue to adopt the same defeatist cowardly stance as the President himself then our country will surely go to the dogs. Everything will be for nothing and all our democratic institutions will surely be destroyed in favor of a Pro Chinese dictator — willing to satisfy the whims of his master in Beijing at the grave expense of his own people. Is this something you’ve envisioned? To be mere vassals of China’s imperialistic ambitions? Allow China to plunder our economy dry? Enslave our people as they did in Xinjiang?

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