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[WATCH] Ronda Mayor Candidate threatens Can-abujon Brgy Captain to link him in illegal drug trade by order of the President

In a video published in ‘Sugbuanong Piniliay‘ shows mayoral candidate of Ronda town ‘Senia Acosta’ threatening a Brgy, Captain Hilario Morales that she will add him in the supposed fake narco-list as he was accused of discouraging his towns-people of supporting ‘Senia Acosta’s’ mayoral bid.

Disobey? Or be linked with illegal drugs

According to Senia Acosta herself that she’s the chosen candidate of the President and that according to the order of the President that anyone who objects her or for her election bid will be linked to illegal drugs.  Beside her were armed guards and police-men who appears to be harassing the Brgy Captain.

If you’ve ever read my previous article in November last year. I wrote about the mood of the people in Brgy, Can-abujon. And I’m not saying this because I am merely an outside observer. I have lived there for quite some time and have family members who also. I can personally attest to the fact that the Brgy Captain Hilario Morales had been in hiding for quite some time now since he’s been hunted by police-men or shall we call ‘Duterte Death Squads’. The fact of the matter is that he has unswervingly served his people and have seen many times how he did so with sincerity.


“..Kinsa mang kapitan mag gahi-gahi.. Ako gyud silang i-link..”
(Any Brgy captain who dare disobeys will be linked to illegal drugs..)

In the video, it shows that the Brgy Captain, Hilario Morales has since filed a police blotter about threats against his life and now he’s being harassed by the people of mayoral candidate Senia Acosta. I personally don’t agree with her statement that she is the ‘government’ and that they must obey her. When in fact shes still running for public office and now she’s controlling the police as if she’s already an elected mayor of the town? And worst threatening to link local officials in the illegal drug trade if they attempt disobey her or the President of the Philippines?

This is in direct violation of the COMELEC Omnibus Election Code – Article XXII

  1. Threats, intimidation, terrorism, use of fraudulent device or other forms of coercion. – Any person who, directly or indirectly, threatens, intimidates or actually causes, inflicts or produces any violence, injury, punishment, damage, loss or disadvantage upon any person or persons or that of the immediate members of his family, his honor or property, or uses any fraudulent device or scheme to compel or induce the registration or refraining from registration of any voter, or the participation in a campaign or refraining or desistance from any campaign, or the casting of any vote or omission to vote, or any promise of such registration, campaign, vote, or omission therefrom.

The video is now an irrefutable piece of evidence that Duterte backed local candidates were using the police for their own advantage by intimidating local officials and forcing them to suppor Duterte’s bets over others. What has happened to a free and unbiased election? When the police and the authorities themselves have become willing partners of mass intimidation, killings, coercion? What will COMELEC do in this case? Will they disqualify Senia Acosta’s bid for the mayorship of Ronda town? Or exempt her because she’s the chosen candidate of the President?

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