I have decided to donate 100% of my Ad Revenue to orphans of EJK’s

I am fortunate enough that I’ve been given the talent, skill and the ability to write and create various types of content which effectively contradicts Duterte’s well-funded propaganda machine. I may not have an army of fake accounts and trolls under my disposal but I do have a large number of friends which in December of 2017 started off with just 4,000 and now it’s a thriving community of more than 40,000 people. With my post reaching to more than 6 million people. It’s heartwarming what you can achieve using a slow and clunky laptop connected via our neighbor’s wifi can actually connect to spread information about the political issues in the Philippines to thousands of Filipinos all over the world. I’m just overwhelmed and extremely thankful to everyone’s support.

Juan Luna Blog is funded by Ad Revenue from Google and Facebook

I am proud to say that JL’s blog runs on ads compared to Duterte’s propaganda machine which runs on kickbacks from their politician sponsors. Of course? It is not easy to write and publish content on a daily basis but people on the other side of the defense. Especially our side of the fence. We don’t have any political sponsors and only relied on our patriotic commitment to defend the motherland from corrupt politicians who conspired with foreign countries and sell our territories in exchange for onerous loan deals.

I create various animated sketchboard style animations which are now being sponsored by Facebook Ad Breaks so you can expect more ads to come up on any of those videos in the days to come. Also, my articles here on the site has Google AdSense banners on them which as you may have noticed already upon reading this article. All traffic and clicks on those banners from people reading my articles correspond to a certain amount depending on the advertiser’s bid.

Same goes with Facebook Ad Breaks which seldom displays video ads on any of my videos and for each views and clicks I get a certain amount depending on the advertisers bids.

Nevertheless, all in all. The blog is independent and runs on itself.

I shall give 100% of my blog Ad Revenue earnings to drug-war orphans

Losing a parent can be very tough for a child. At such a young age. You wouldn’t expect these kids to understand the grim future that awaits them. Imagine if these kids get wind up in bad-company and in the future becomes criminals too? Wouldn’t Duterte’s drug-war which was meant to quell criminality a bit more counter-intuitive?

The reason why I am doing this is that there’s really a need to organize some sort of a citizen assistance program. I don’t need to ask donations from people as all they can do is to ‘share’ my articles and recommend it to their friends. The more people who view the article the higher will be our Ad Revenue. Consider this as both win/win for us? First, we get to be able to reach more people with our messages and at the same time we’re able to support drug-war orphans as they join the opening of classes in June.

As of today. In Google AdSense, I have around 59.37 USD pending in the account. This was the earnings incurred since last month. I can get this withdrawn through Western Union by the 21st and then proceed in buying school supplies and necessities for drug-war orphans in Cebu. I’ll be working closely with volunteers in the area and will publish a live video of this happening so you can see what we’ve achieved together. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And then here are my Facebook Ad Break earnings which amounted to around a $21.05 USD which we can add up with the $59.37 that we already have.

It comes from a video about Larry Gadon calling a student ‘Bobo’ stemming from his fallacious statements denouncing the Cory Aquino regime as corrupt and that the Philippines enjoyed good economic status during the Marcos regime.

See friends? We can do so many things together. Starting today will be on the right track. Will update you by the end of the month and we should be able to give the gifts to our drug-war orphans by the first week of May.

God bless us all 🙂

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