Dishonest? Sara Duterte’s law firm operating but not registered with SEC for 10 years

Dishonesty really runs in the blood for the Duterte family. Not only are they vile-mouthed politikos but also extremely hypocritical liars. Because to what end does lying ultimately brings us? Nothing. As a familiar Bisaya quote would put it ”…walay ason’g makumkum (you can never keep the smoke hidden in your clenched palm). Implying that no secrets will soon be uncovered and exposed to the public. Especially in the case of Sara Duterte. A spawn of the now madman who sits in his throne in Malacañang — who worships with the enemy China and betrays his own people.

The guile to attack Rappler when they themselves were even more brazenly questionable?

Don’t you find it quite amusing that the Duterte family lauds the legal persecution of Rappler and its founder Maria Ressa whilst they themselves have been racking up questionable amounts of wealth unexplainable even with all their assets and businesses combined?  We won’t know about this unless our good friends of the Philippine Center of Investigative Journalism uncovers the puzzle piece by piece until we now finally get the ultimate picture of Sara Duterte’s infamous ”Honesty” diss.

According to data acquired by PCIJ that Sara Duterte’s law firm Carpio & Duterte Lawyers had already been operating for the last 10 years without registering their business in the Securities Exchange Commission. We all know why since both The Supreme Court and the Local Government Code prohibit mayors and governors from practicing their professions. So to skirt out around this prohibition – Sara Duterte started an underground law firm to set up a side-income which is, of course, a clear conflict of interest since you can’t be exercising your profession whilst enjoying public office to favor your own business, can you?

Well such is the case for Sara Duterte and her law firm. Here are documents acquired by PCIJ certifying the non-existence of Carpio & Duterte Lawyers in its records.

The President had also told reporters in 2017 that “the law firm of Sara and her husband, abogado Manases ‘Mans’ R. Carpio, had been the legal consultant of Mighty long before it was accused of using fake stamp taxes to avoid tax payments. Of course, Sara Duterte’s husband re-affirms this on a post in his Facebook post attacking Senator Trillanes.

The law is very clear. A sitting mayor must not perform duties as a lawyer while serving office.

According to the Supreme Court and the Local Government Code or Republic Act No. 7160.

Provisions of the Code of Conduct and Professional Standards for Public Officials and Employees or Republic Act No. 6713 on “conflict of interest” are just as relevant. The Code states that “conflict of interest arises when a public official or employee is a member of a board, an officer, or a substantial stockholder of a private corporation or owner or has a substantial interest in a business, and the interest of such corporation or business, or his rights or duties therein may be opposed to or affected by the faithful performance of official duty.”

Section 90. Practice of Profession.

(a) All governors, city and municipal mayors are prohibited from practicing their profession or engaging in any occupation other than the exercise of their functions as local chief executives.

(b) Sanggunian members may practice their professions, engage in any occupation, or teach in schools except during session hours: Provided, That sanggunian members who are also members of the Bar shall not:

(1) Appear as counsel before any court in any civil case wherein a local government unit or any office, agency, or instrumentality of the government is the adverse party;

(2) Appear as counsel in any criminal case wherein an officer or employee of the national or local government is accused of an offense committed in relation to his office.

(3) Collect any fee for their appearance in administrative proceedings involving the local government unit of which he is an official; and

(4) Use property and personnel of the government except when the sanggunian member concerned is defending the interest of the government.

(c) Doctors of medicine may practice their profession even during official hours of work only on occasions of emergency: Provided, That the officials concerned do not derive monetary compensation therefrom.

Also, PCIJ acquired congratulatory clippings circulating in the papers addressing Sara Duterte and her husband as owners of the said law firm. Thus, this is now an undeniable fact that Sara Duterte lied and withheld this from the public. How can anyone ever trust her and of course her family of ignorant traitors? Most importantly — the trapo politicians Sara Duterte is endorsing for this May’s senatorial polls?

You can read the full PCIJ report in this link here.

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