Want to shame Trillanes? Show the freaking Tattoo

First of all. The accusations that it was Trillanes who was behind the video is as fake as the Singapore bank account invented against him by nonetheless the President himself. Or even the ‘Little Narco’ joke which Thinking Pinoy cracked on his blog which unfortunately for him it really has no basis thus resulted in a filing of a libel complaint against him. There’s no ‘Trillanes’ on the video and the man hasn’t been appearing in public for the time being. How could Polong ever even accuse Trillanes of uploading the video? Does this mean that Trillanes were really in fact telling the truth?

So now as the real narcolist video unfolds in social-media just a few days ago. Duterte’s allies and well-funded propaganda machine fired back trying to find holes in order to destroy the credibility of the video and discourage the public from actually viewing it or even to give credence to it’s supposed well-founded allegations against the President son Paolo Duterte.  As shown in the video,  there are bank accounts numbers and bank names in the aforementioned document — I’m sure those numbers gotta exist right? I’m sure the government could swoop in and really seriously look into it and track the flow of money from local rural banks towards the supposed International bank in Hongkong which the Duterte’s are keeping a close eye on.

Let’s shame Trillanes, show the tattoo and the code!

Funny that even until now despite glaring accusations hurled against him by what appears to be former triad members who by the name of ‘Bikoy’ even casually mentioned the exact alphanumeric code behind Paolo Duterte’s back tattooed code is ‘ALPHA-TIERRA 0029’. Many people waited for Polong to actually show his back tattoo in public but it’s already been more than 500 days and until now he continued to refuse in showing his alleged triad tattoo in the back.

Why should he refuse this? When in fact, this an important opportunity for him to disprove Trillanes accusations and humiliate him in public. But until Polong ever showed his triad links through a tattoo at the back then I would doubt his sincerity. Not because I have personal beef of the man but simply because the current drug situation in the country has since even worsened the moment the Duterte’s entered the Malacanang.

One the most obvious of it all is that during the 6.4B Shabu smuggling case which linked his son Paolo Duterte as one of the supposed members of the Davao Group. President Duterte has never ever said anything. He’s been silent for a while. Of course, he might not have expected that Trillanes could catch the whiff of their supposed illegal drug business. I’m sure Trillanes did his homework well and almost zeroed in on Polong if not for some of Duterte’s paid hack’s in the Senate who sabotaged the hearing and deliberately closed the inquiry. Then days later, the witness Mark Taguba switched sides and changed his earlier statements to free up Polong from the controversy.

So if Polong really is that serious in closing out all of these allegations and faked documents and transactions then why not just show his tattoo at his back? This portion of the body clearly doesn’t show anything obscenely inappropriate anyways. It’s the back of your body. There’s nothing obscene about it? Why would Polong desist this far too long? Is he hiding something?

Well. Till then. Polong hasn’t sufficiently convinced me that the video accusing him of receiving hundreds of millions of pesos from drug-syndicate is fake until he actually shows his back tattoo. It only takes 3 seconds of his time anyways.

For now, let’s just watch out for Part 3. Hope that comes out soon.

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