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Duterte threatens Filipinos of warrantless arrest should they question onerous Chinese loans

President Duterte violently reacted against calls of a thorough review to all Chinese loan agreements in order to ensure that they don’t include any specific provisions which could be grossly disadvantageous to the best interest of the Filipino people. He warned that he will declare a ‘revolutionary war’ should he be pushed to a corner. But before we go on a fascistic breakdown and started raising our fistbumps declaring ‘Duterte Pa Rin’ we need to at least take time and appreciate what is Franklin Drilon trying to achieve here when he initiated the calls for the review.

Loan deals from China include the surrender of Philippine ‘patrimonial assets’ in case of a default

What does this mean? It means that China could easily lay their hands on our own ports, airports, and even energy resources “ in case of a default. According to Bayan Muna partylist senatorial aspirant that Section 8.1 of the agreement, particularly on “Waiver of Immunity” states that the Philippines “irrevocably waives any immunity” of its patrimonial assets and assets which are for commercial use.

“..This means that government properties such as the Batangas ports or any of our ports for that matter, or energy assets of the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) or Napocor (National Power Corporation), even the LRT and MRT, can be taken over by China in case we fail to pay these hundreds of billions in Chinese loans..” — Colmenares

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One of the most feared patrimonial assets we could lose is parts of the West Philippine Sea particularly the oil-rich Reed Bank which according to a 2013 report from the United States Energy Information Administration holds around 5.4 billion barrels of oil and 55.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas but until now further oil exploration had been halted and put on hold as China continues to pressure the Philippine government to renege its claims over the entire West Philippine Sea. With surprisingly instead of holding their ground the  Duterte government is slowly giving in to Chinese demands which resulted in the loss of Sandy Cay in 2017 when Duterte ordered the AFP to abandon and stop sending patrols over the area.

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Why is the President fuming mad on calls for a review of loan agreements with China? Shouldn’t he at least be happy?

I think Senator Franklin Drilon calls for a review comes with reason because this is also what happened in the past under the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo which for example are the Northrail Project which was overpriced to $503 million for just merely a 32-kilometer railroad and also the terms of the loan were skewed unfairly in China’s favor. Which is pretty obvious given that China really didn’t care about how the money spent for as long as they can ultimately achieve their goals of taking over critical national infrastructures and territories when the country results to a default also the loans themselves were already pretty expensive, to begin with, and the quality of the work done is questionable at best.

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Duterte’s anger reflects his fanatical loyalty to Xi Jin Ping and for an unknown reason — his working for the enemy and the Filipino people weren’t really that aware of it and didn’t care much. As always in the past, we’ve always been like this. Easily primed for absolute subjugation just as we did to the Spaniards and the Americans in our distant colonial past. And even during Marcos time. Most people were in fear and easily cowered to submission. Though many brave souls resisted despite the futility of their situation; it’s the cowardness of the many which ultimately enabled Marcos to pretty much do whatever he wants for more than a decade.

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Also, exactly the same thing that’s happening right now. People are so scared about speaking up against him because their relatives, friends, neighbors and even perhaps their boss have become unwilling fanatical online trolls who might attack them should they try criticizing their great leader. Everyone’s silent about the atrocities that are already being committed. They didn’t care even if there were thousands of innocent lives mercilessly murdered by the encouragement of none other than President Duterte himself. Their master and idol.

Should the President declare the suspension of habeas corpus and arrest dissenters including me — I gladly offer my life for the motherland.

Because if Duterte wants to hide the fact that his dealings with China were in fact onerous at best and only either favors him and his political allies whilst depriving my countrymen to reap the economic benefits of these patrimonial assets that China is poised to take away from us. I can’t fathom this brazen act of betrayal to our motherland. And who else will defend it from scheming traitors? It always boils down on the remaining patriotic few. As history taught us. Every great revolution starts with a pen.

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