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Message to the DDS: If it wasn’t meant for you, avert your eyes. It’s that simple.

A video surfaced online which was leaked by Diehard Duterte Supporters caught the attention of a journalist who then posted in his Facebook account how he was dismayed at by the overwhelmingly negative reaction it got particularly die-hard Duterte supporters who leaked the video and posted it in their own pages and blogs with the deliberate intent to shame and bully the famed musician and songwriter Jim Paredes who appeared in that video. Here’s what he said.

I think the onus should fall on the people who insist on watching a private act not meant for the public to see rather than the person in the sex tape. There’s a certain kind of perversion in wanting to violate a person’s privacy just to needlessly and disgustingly satisfy their curiosity.

More importantly, sex is a biological imperative that shouldn’t be seen as shameful or disgusting. What we do behind closed doors is our business and do not even make the argument that if it was private, it shouldn’t be caught on video. I’m sorry, there are people whose partners and spouses are hundreds or thousands of miles away and the closest thing they get to having sex is by means of video chat. It is still private if it was meant for someone exclusively. Do not make that argument that it shouldn’t be on video. If it wasn’t meant for you, avert your eyes. It’s that simple. Ganoon kadali.

If my sex video gets leaked (If I still had one, that is) I would never apologize for it. It wasn’t meant for you to see and I think you should be ashamed of yourself for seeking out the video, insisting to watch it and shaming me for something that was never meant for your eyes to see. Ginusto mo yan. Whether nalibugan ka or nandiri ka falls entirely on you for wanting to watch what wasn’t meant for you to see, period.

You want to watch the sex tape? Go ahead. It’s a free country. However, you have no (as in ZERO) moral ascendancy to judge the person in the sex tape when you viewed something you have no consent to see.

Speaking of which, most importantly, this is about consent.

A leaked sex tape is not a waiver of consent. Most of the time, a leaked sex tape doesn’t have the consent of the ones in it. Watching a leaked sex tape which definitely has no consent makes you, in my eyes, a pervert.


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