Today, we praise Duterte as the Best President of the Solar System

Today is one of the best day of the year for any hardcore Duterte Supporter. This is their moment! The very reason why such a day exist is because of them? The masters of April 1st! Not that because they’ve been schooled in the arts of foolishness but they really were so used to it that their very existence made this day so special. So let’s begin to recount all of the best things Duterte has done for the country.

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Duterte sold the Philippines to China

No president since Marcos has ever attempted to sell the country to an invading foreign nation who has since been encroaching our territory while legal remedies are taking place. This nation even harassed our own fishermen and deprived them of their solitary livelihood to feed their family. This an amazing achievement for any Duterte supporter because China will surely be pleased with the huge fish catch that they’re harvesting from our seas.

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The greatest protector of foreign invaders like China who steals and harass our people was nothing that our own countrymen. The so-called die-hard Duterte supporters who revel in the atrocities of the powerful and by siding with them makes them ride through coattails of impunity. With every bullet that goes through an innocent man’s brain is a rewarding experience for a typical diehard supporter.

Duterte butchered all drug-lords and all drug-addicts surrendered —- and now guess what??

The drug problem has worsened in 2019

Most Duterte supporters would agree that all drug-lords and drug-addicts has since been taken care of to the extent of speculating that the so-called Dilawans could no longer engage in the drug-business because Duterte’s had demolished em all. Or didn’t he? As far as recent statements from Malacanang and echoed in by PDEA and PNP themselves that the drug-menace has since ”worsened” in 2019. Oh boy! It’s been already 3 years since Duterte assumed office and started the brutal crackdown of illegal drugs and now the drug problem then again have since even worsened?

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But any Duterte supporter will surely be glad to hear about this since it only means that there will be more people to kill right? More blood and more gore — more horrifying stories of bereaved families who witnessed the slaughter of their loved ones. The shrill screams of the innocent will continue to ring through many more nights — perhaps even to a typical Duterte supporter, this could be music to their ears?

Just look at the bright-side? More drug-lords and drug-addicts. More people to kill? Meaning Duterte is just being more successful in rooting them out right? Erm… well, of course, yeah after sometime last year he bragged about how effective was his campaign against illegal drugs when in reality it according to him continues to be the same problem and has so far even worsened?

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I’m sure there are more things to say and discuss about Duterte’s great exploits and achievements — unmatched by any President’s in the past, however, right now we could stick a pause and wait for next year’s April 1st for the second part of this article.

Bye for now! Happy Duterte Day!

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