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Chinese hackers attacked Juan Luna Blog causing more than 48 hours of downtime

My dearest friends and page subscribers. I know that you’ve already been made aware of the recent DDoS attack that puts the website out order and inaccessible for more than two days. My struggle to keep the attackers at bay and regain control of the website is paid off. Most notably, a supporter emailed me offering to move the website to a dedicated server. Good heavens! This ultimately saved the blog from extinction. Imagine if I couldn’t get the site back? The treasure-trove of articles and troll-enlightening posts would surely be gone forever. We don’t want that right?

What is a DDoS attack?

To put it simply. This is an attack which is meant to overwhelm a website by using dummy computers to send an enormous number of requests which will disrupt or effectively take the site out. This type of attack must come from someone with access to massive numbers of dummy computers to launch such devastating attack. People capable of these type of attacks must have huge funding or simply well-versed in disrupting servers and similar systems. So who are these people? the answer is easy to guess as we could only suspect the real intentions and motives behind this attack and the party who’s to ultimately gain from it.

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The ultimate goal of the attack was not try and steal information or deface the server or the website. Though I’m sure they did tried that but never had much success. However, the goal is to silence many of my articles and prevent the ever growing readership to learn more about many of these controversial topics that offers refreshingly contradicting to the current popular political environment in the country. And as you may have rightly guess. I only publish ‘Pro Filipino’ articles and am not explicitly ‘Anti Duterte’.

Who were the attackers and why?

Perhaps one of the articles I have since published that took an enormous number of shares and likes was about the ever growing numbers of illegal drugs entering the country from China. This was also reinforced by Senator Trillanes allegations that the son of President Duterte was involved in the infamous Chinese Triad. As you know that until he hasn’t yet shown his dragon tattoo for decoding by the US Drug Enforcement Agency.  This led me to write an article and come to appreciate the growing number of clues leading up to Duterte’s alleged links to Chinese drug-cartel.

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Also, one of my most recent tirades was about China’s alarming loan deals with the Philippines which puts many of our ‘patrimonial assets’ as collateral should the country defaulted from all these high-interest loans. My rant was meant to question this treacherous act by none other than our President and his allies in order to protect the best interest of the my countrymen. It is meant to invoke national patriotism and cultivate much of my readerships political conscience.

So now ultimately – we  ask the important question. Who was the attacker? The answer is pretty simple. Let’s appreciate the facts.

There were more than 25,563 IP Addresses involved in the attack and out of around 15,000 of these comes from a particular country. China. Why is this the case? Like I said before. We need to try and check who’s to gain from this attack and what is there to gain?

China’s attack was meant to silence my criticism about the Duterte administration and also to downplay my propaganda efforts to cultivate their love for their country and encourages them to use ‘reason’ more than their ’emotions’. We could not allow ourselves to be manipulated and controlled by shady propaganda pages and blogs who’s popularity was nonetheless fueled by many of the Filipino’s gullibility.

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I still believe that one day we can teach the Filipino people how to use social-media effectively and also how best can regulate it’s use so it could no longer be weaponized by people who has deeper pockets, or even state-parties determine to undermine our democratic institutions and manipulate the masses for their own benefit. I have faith that through prayers and our sincere intercessions – we can soon break free from this malignant monster who has since butchered more than 20,000 innocent people in the name of his war against drugs — which he now even lamented that it became even worse.

China and Russian computers blocked from Juan Luna Blog

As suggested by a friend. I have since decided to block access from China and Russia to prevent similar attacks in the future. Though I know that my enemies may even find another way to inflict inconvenient downtime’s and disrupt my subscribers from reading my articles. But we won’t capitulate that easy. I will persevere so that we can continue to write with passion and benevolence to free the motherland from the hands of this brutish madman and save our country from further destruction.

What I do is not for myself but for my children and for the next generations to come. I write for them and for you my beloved countrymen. I care less if you agree me with me or not but take no hint of personal politics or ultra-partisanship as I bring only the’truth’ and nothing but the ‘truth’. My struggle is my countrymen’s struggle to ultimately unite us and resist any manner of disinformation and manipulation either by corrupt politicians and their agents or external state parties seeking to divide us for their benefit.

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