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Chinese drugs floods the Philippines and not a single Potangina from Duterte

The greatest irony perhaps in Duterte’s supposedly highly focused anti-drug administration is the fact that despite thousands of bodies killed and butchered by his Death Squads. There are still more and more drugs flowing in from our ports slipping past his hand-picked Bureau of Customs chief and even despite his inflated intelligence budget. I could only wonder where are those vast amounts of intelligence budget being spent on? When they’re not really reaping any results.

In 2017, we’ve learned about the 6.4 Billion shabu which slipped past Bureau of Customs yet again. Just imagine that? That’s 6.4 Billion worth of shabu. Duterte even ordered the mass slaughter of petty criminals who reportedly wields sachet of the illegal substance or even those taking it? Alas! I’m expecting his outrage. His anger. His usual ‘tongue lashing’ potangina. But nope. He was unheard of. No statement has yet even been released for days. There was no outrage? What is going on? Shouldn’t the President be more concerned on why such staggering amounts of illegal substance slipped past our ports undetected? The worst of this all is the fact his son was reportedly been linked in this scandal. If not only for this brave senator in the Senate.  Senator Trillanes who stood toe-to-toe and grilled the young Duterte in his appearance for the Senate hearing regarding the 6.4B shabu shipment. However, by the way, it looks — it seems that most of the Senators including the piggy Gordon are more interested in saving the young Duterte from the hot seat and disposed of the inquiry as soon as possible.

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I couldn’t understand why the sudden unimportance and or the seemingly timid response when acting upon the 6.4B shabu shipment. That despite his enormous influence in the Congress and control over his police/military. No one has yet even been made accountable for it. In fact, he has even tried his best to downplay the issue by whatever means possible by propping up other issues to distract the public. But the sweeping and most heartbreaking about part of it is that he has never lifted his policy of mass-slaughter ergo ‘War on Drugs. He continued to order his men — in many of his speeches to go out and mow down innocent people regardless if they’ve just been suspected drug-pushers or users. All of them has to be butchered in cold-blood under the pretense that this is all being carried in the name of eradicating the scourge of illegal drugs in the country.

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How did the China establish consistent logistical support towards the Philippines when ferrying out illegal cargoes? Clearly, someone must have been protecting them. Someone in the higher-up who loves China more than his country. But we can only look back and glean in the recent 6.4 drug mess. Because the clue might have been there.

The most important revelation that Trillanes revealed during that hearing is this — Polong is a member of the Chinese Triad. This is the President’s Son. How could the President’s son be linked to illegal drug trade? When clearly it is Duterte’s main policy to eradicate drugs in the first place?

Connect the dots. 

What has Duterte done in the name of his Chinese masters?

  1. Duterte gave away our territories and failed to uphold the recent PCA ruling re-affirming our sovereignty  in the WPS
  2. Duterte brought in loads of high-interest loans that the Philippines couldn’t possibly repay in many decades to come
  3. Duterte gave away our jobs to the Chinese people in one of the many conditions in China’s loan agreements.
  4. Duterte gave China a huge pie in our oil resources in the West Philippine Sea which should have been 100% ours
  5. Duterte allowed the entry of billions worth of drugs in the country

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What more do we need to fully understand the grave situation our country is in? If we continue down this path. This country will be going dark for sure. The Chinese horde will consume and enslave us as they did in Xinjiang. They have all the ulterior motives to do so since the Philippines will be an important strategic off-shore base to protect their holdings in the South China Sea. This is the main reason why China poured in all their resources in the South China Sea — not only because of the economic benefits this vast ocean can give to China but the fact that it controls major trading routes in the area as well as the fact it would extend Chinese naval defenses away from its shores.

Of course, people will say — there’s nothing wrong being ruled by the Chinese? Except. they don’t just control people. They enslave them. And steal their lands. Anyone who dissented will be sent to secretive concentration camps rumored to be used to torture men out of their wits. How could we allow this to happen to our motherland?

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More Chinese drugs flowing into the Philippines Anti Drug country

In 2016 alone, There’s been more than 13 billion pesos worth of drugs from China. The number could be higher if we take into account the drug-shipments that hasn’t even been caught. Just this 2019, there’s been several drug-raids performed by PDEA which yielded copious amounts of these illegal substances smuggled in by Chinese nationals. Last month, the agency yielded more than 1.9 billion worth of shabu and then this month seized yet another 1.1 billion pesos worth of shabu. Consider this, we’re not talking about sachets or packets worth of drugs. We’re talking about tons of drugs by the billions. The number just keeps piling up.  Oddly enough, why? Shouldn’t it have gone lower? Given that Duterte has mass-slaughtered thousands of drug-lords and pushers? Shouldn’t the number be smaller? But the facts and statistics don’t lie — more and more drug-shipments keeps flowing in from China and Duterte is apparently helpless to stop them.

Meanwhile, we can only look in horror as the bodies of those slaughtered in his war on drugs keep piling up. Our territories have been taken and our seas plundered by massive fishing boats. I kept on praying that the Filipino people along with their conscience could one day unite together as one. I hope those days aren’t that far. I hope we can push back this madness and reclaim our honor in the community of nations.

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