PH firefighters plays bucket relay wasting precious water resources amidst shortages

The current water supply problem hasn’t yet been fully resolved due to lack of rains that should replinish dried up damns and water reservoirs. Though despite efforts to make do with the current supply available from Angat Dam. Still, should the absence of an alternative water source and rain in the coming weeks will result to yet more severe water shortages. According to some experts. The water supply from Angat Dam will only last for four-months given if we use our water much more conservatively. However, if continue wasting our water away then we might ran-out of water supply before the 4 month timeline. The results could be devastating. Now just last 14th of March this year. Hundreds of firefighters joined in 5th National Fire Olympics at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila. One the epicenter of the water shortage. Here are the photos taken by the Philippine Star about the event.



Meanwhile, millions of Filipinos suffers from massive water outage

Not sure if the Bureau of Fire Protection were aware of the current water crisis affecting many parts of Manila and continued with their usual ‘water-wasting’ games which caught the ire of many netizens in Facebook. If you think about it. They could have used these water to supply many households affected by the shortage of water. It could have at least helped eased the burden of the public in light of the government’s brazen incompetence in addressing these issues.

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Many of the citizens in the Philippine capital of Manila has to go through harsh water rationing which includes more than 18 hours of no water which hampered their daily household activities during the day. Even small businesses had to look for ways in finding alternative source of water. Worst, some of them have to take out certain drinks on their restaurants citing lack of fresh water source. Just imagine the horrors of waking up early morning and to line up on long horrid queues of people desperate in getting buckets filled to the brim and then briskly carry them home. Sure, the inconvenience must really be enormous and the Filipino people does not deserve this.

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Image result for water shortages manila line up

“I have learned to take a bath using only seven pitchers of water,” — Ricardo Bergado

Such was a terrible sight. On the other hand government workers wasting precious water resources seemingly clueless of the consequences while in many of nook and crammy streets of Manila. Millions of Filipinos waited for hours in long queues just to get a few pitchers of water. How sad. The picture it paints seems to adequately symbolizes a tyrannical government where most if not many of the government offices are no longer beholden to the people but pledges their unswerving loyalty to that one man in Malacanang. No accountability. How can we continue to fathom this kind of governance? Politicians uses fake statistics and sometimes expresses distasteful language and jokes to entertain the masses yet no outrage from the people?

This 2019. We ought to make our vote count. Choose candidates who will pledge their loyalty to the people and not the President.

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