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Mocha Uson suspects Otso Diretso behind water shortages

Mocha Uson Blog on last March 15th, 2019 posted a poll in her Facebook Page insinuating that the opposition slate ‘Otso Diretso’ is behind the spate of water shortages in many areas in Manila. Though she didn’t mention why or how could ‘Otso Diretso’ opposition slate be connected with the water outages in the same way as how  could Mayon move to Naga City were all until now remains a mystery. Nevertheless, I’d wager she must have substantial proof of this accusation or one of her hapless spawns who overhwhelmly voted ‘Yes’ implying that ‘Otso Diretso’ is in fact the main reason why there were water outages. So we’ll go ahead and find out what was really the real reason why there were water outages in Manila, what caused it and who really is to blame. Then we’ll also check later what her followers has to say about her poll.

Here’s Mocha Uson Blog’s original post.

As you can see, more than 36.09 thousand people voted ‘Yes‘ out of 40.1 thousand votes cast. So it all makes us wonder what and how could these people fall so easily to non-sense polls likes which reeks in ultra-partisan crap and baseless rhetorics. In the last line where Mocha Uson mentioned ”Otso Diretso Inodoro’ suggesting that people shouldn’t go and vote for Otso Diretso candidates. Thus, ultimately we can conclude that this post is meant as a black-propaganda tool to misinform the public.

Why was there a water crisis in the first-place?

According to Manila Water. This is due to low water levels at Bulacan’s Angat Dam, which supplies 96% of Metro Manila’s water supply that has to meet a staggering demand of 15 million water users during the day.  Which is untrue as according to latest reports. Water levels from Angat Dam is normal. And PAG-ASA also clarified that we haven’t yet even officially entered the dry summer season just yet. So what’s up? Then we’ve heard about this valiant former Manila Water engineer who revealed that the ‘bypass’ has since been ordered closed causing the water pandemic. He included technical information and explanations on how this worked and how to resolve the issue. Simple as ”opening the bypass”. True enough. MWSS relented and disagreed with his statements even until now they kept on harping the same tune as ”it was never really closed” in the first place. However, since Engr Angel Salazar statements on Facebook that went viral. There’s been improvements in water delivery and the issue of water outages has since subsided. Of course, not because Duterte’s wimpy threats but because of the sheer bravery and patriotism of one man Engr Angel Salazar. If it were not for him, the water outages could have been even worst. Many netizens has since speculated that this recent water outages could be merely a ploy to force public support in the recent dam project to be constructed by China using Chinese manpower and materials. Many environmentalists has since disagreed with this idea. Even Japan has a much more cheaper and environment friendly design but Duterte’s men stood their ground defending their Chinese financiers.

So we can now piece together the facts and come out with the conclusion that this water crisis is indeed artificial. And that bypass which Engr Angel Salazar mentioned was indeed blocked to prevent the transport of water between the Balara Bypass aqueduct. According to Manila Water’s website, the bypass “is operated when the La Mesa (Dam) level falls below 71 meters to divert the water directly to the Balara Treatment Plant instead of to the (La Mesa) dam to prevent further water losses at the dam due to seepage and evaporation.” Though MWSS currently denied this allegation and has purportedly claimed that the bypass has always been open since Feburary of this year.+


And then here’s the graph which shows where the ‘bypass’ is located.


After the suggestions of opening the bypass took the Internet by storm. It seems that Manila Water has just miraculously been getting its full allocation of 1,600 million liters per day (MLD) from Angat Dam compared before. So clearly, the bypass has since been opened after the veteran Engr Angel Salazar’s comments which prompted MWSS to take the appropriate action and open up the bypass to ease the water outages in Manila. Clearly, there’s a conspiracy happening around this issue and Duterte knowingly allowed this happen under his own nose — perhaps even thinking that nobody might fight out about this. But unfortunately for him. It didn’t go as planned.

So now back to the real question. Is Otso Diretso the real reason why the ‘water crisis’ exist? The answer is of course. No. But they could be instrumental in moving our country forward, ending EJK’s, stopping Unli-Term CHACHA and penalizing these traitors including Mocha Uson and his friends to jail. Soon.




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