Duterte’s desperate withdrawal from ICC won’t save him from prosecution

President Duterte appeared to have been the worst President in Philippine history – who mercilessly hunted down and butchered his own citizens to chase the unattainable goal of a criminal and drug-free Philippines. He is the only President whom was voted not by sheer influence and prestige. But he was voted in by so many voters due to his offensive rape jokes, incitement of violence against drug-users and wanton disregard to human-rights and democratic institutions designed to keep his power in check. (WATCH: Duterte admits Extrajudicial Killings).

He is the master-mind and the only man who could have influenced PH needless mass-slaughter

As a Filipino citizen. I unfortunately witnessed one of these executions myself. I remembered how there was suddenly no police-checkpoints in the area during the eve of the killings. Many of the neighbors that the police may have known that such killing would take place in that particular area in Mandaue City, Cebu and arranged not to interfere during the shoot-out. Note that this sudden uptick of extra-judicial killings has been initiated no less than the police but the commander-in-chief from Malacañang himself. In many of his vile speeches. He describes how he would eat men alive or even shoot female rebels in the vagina. He even encouraged police officers and military men to rape women if they have the need to or even to plant guns and evidence to slain suspects to taint their innocence.

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True  enough, there was bloodshed and there was so much blood that it sticks on everyone’s hands. To the people who cheered in this grave injustice. I am utterly shocked and dismayed as horrors of the drug-war flickered through our smartphones, printed on newspapers and airs on TV-screens. Mutilated bodies of men, women and children left to rot in the streets or even thrown out in a bridge or murky estuary at the mercy of the elements. With most of them with bullets in their head and a packet of shabu in their pants. Even worst, some of them has a shiny new revolver on their right hand despite being left-handed so the police can just easily claim that they fought back so they resort into shooting them down.

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Was Duterte’s Anti Drug War actually meant to Protect Pro-Duterte Druglords?

The greatest irony of Duterte’s drug-war is that even the fact that he now uses billions of taxpayer money spent on his Intelligence Funds as well as weilds an enormouse influence amongst members of the Congress but still he was not anticipating the largest 6.4 Billion Shabu shipment passing under his nose in the Bureau of Customs. Not even a single ‘potangina’ came out from his mouth when he learned about this. Much worst, a credible witness Mark Taguba who works for the agency pointed his hands on Duterte’s beloved son ‘Polong’ as one of the pioneering members of Duterte’s Davao Group (Chinese Triad). And has been one of its influential figures which allowed the passage of the said shipment through the Bureau of Customs.

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Funny, even the notorious drug lord from Leyte Kerwin Espinosa who testified against De Lima has since been exonerated from drug-charges as well as Cebu’s premiere businessman and suspected drug-lord Peter Lim which has apparently been under PDEA’s list  It is important to remember that Peter Lim is Duterte’s known friend and acquiantance since many pictures showing him and Peter Lim attending a wedding together. As well as many other notirous drug-lords Peter Co, Marcelo Adorco, Max Miro, Lovely Impal, Ruel Malindangan, Jun Pepito, Jermy Amang and several others identified only by their aliases.

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What does this all mean? It only means that Duterte himself is not really waging a war against drugs but a war against competing drug-syndicates. It seems that he wants to stay mum and silence about drug-offenders in his own party but chases up on other suspected individuals or even make up fabricated charges against his critics in hopes to dissuage public outrage and redirect their anger over his enemies. One of the unfortunate victims of Duterte’s style of politics is none other than Leila De Lima herself. Having been on of Duterte’s critics since her stint in DOJ while investigating on his infamous Davao Death Squads. De Lima has since been subjected to grave personal attacks including a fabricated sex-video which was exposed by many crook politicians within the chambers of the House of Representatives. Their stenchy laughter echoes and taints through the very chambers of our strong republic.

Duterte is desperate for ICC withdrawal as justice closes in for the slain women and children in Duterte’s drug-war

Duterte’s strategy to get around almost anything is to bribe and use his crook politicians in the Congress or even within the Judiciary in order to skirt around and protect himself from human-rights investigations. Worst, he now has the financial backing of Asia’s most Pro-Dictator juggernaut and enemy — China. So with China behind Duterte.  I’m sure he would want to make full use of its influence to keep his enemies at bay and protect himself. In fact, knowing that the case filed against him in the International Criminal Court would come into fruition. He went a step further to try and quash these attempts by withdrawing from the said International body with haste despite no congressional approval whatsoever. A clear, biased callousness of the president. He just bypassed the people’s Congress to protect himself from ICC prosecution. Of course? Why not let the people’s Congress vote this in and tackle this issue? In fact, it is very clear from within the 1987 Constitution that no International treaties will be approved or modified without the approval of the Senate.

Article VII, Section 21 of the 1987 Constitution states that no treaty or international agreement shall be valid and effective unless concurred in by at least two-thirds of all the members of the Senate.

What does this mean? ICC withdrawal has been an instrumental tool in eradicating International disputes even a possible devastating invasion from China. ICC is our court of last resort in preventing bloodthirsty dictators like Duterte himself to use the powers of the state against its own people. This is a significant step forward in preventing further abuses against our own people and steer us towards progress. We all aspire to be part of the Renaissance in the community of nations. Rather than be a remembered as a country of fools who voted in an ignorant, blood-thirsty warlord — who cares nothing to but enrich himself, his allies, and his cronies at the huge disadvantage of his own people.

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Will Duterte’s withdrawal effective March 17, 2019 affect the current proceedings filed against him? Nope

Unfortunately, Duterte’s legal maneuverings to escape from ICC prosecution is an obsequious failure. His wager to escape from the claws of justice would not be made possible as the cries of his victims reverberates throughout the world. Many countries showed great concern over one of Asia’s shining example of democracy as we peacefully rallied against the iron rule of the then deposed plunderer Ferdinand Marcos during the 1986 ‘People Power’. The world now again braces with clenched fist as they watch in horror as yet another bloodthirsty populist whose trail of destruction and records of atrocities pales in comparison to Marcos himself.

But then, there’s always hope. According to the ICC themselves. The case has been filed and approved before the Philippines withdrawal from ICC took effect today. This was not a victory that Duterte hoped for. The international body can still chased up and impose a warrant of arrest against him should he try to leave the country. His iron fist rule which favored the corrupt plunderers is now falling apart. He knows. Time will come that these poor women and children he mercilessly slaughtered shall eventually receive justice.

I am hoping that should ICC released a warrant of arrest against Duterte. He should be jailed for his crimes against humanity. He should be tried and publicly hanged for all the people to see. We can’t let populist fascism consumes us all over again. Our institutions should be more stronger than they’ve ever been before. We’ve well been aware that fascist populism can be amplified through fake news and trolls. Next time. We can stop them from their tracks.

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