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Aruy! Bong Revilla’s wife re-tweeted meme calling Bong Revilla Mag-Nanakaw!

A popular satirical page Malacañang Events and Catering Services released a picture of Bong Revilla’s tarpaulin with label seemingly correcting the part where it says ‘Agimat ng Masa’ to ‘Magnanakaw’ which means ‘Thief’ in English. Although, there has been many memes and posts from netizens poking fun on Bong Revilla even his brazen epal campaiging in Baguio was met with a barrage of water bottle missile from onlookers. The public outrage stemmed from his recent plunder case acquittal despite the condition to return significant amount of his supposed loot back to the government. which he has siince refused citing what would he return if he took nothing? Still questions remains whether it be valid to keep Bong Revilla’s acquittal despite his refusal not to return the significant portion of his loot connected to Napoles bogus NGO’s.

Just days ago, one of Malacanang Events and Catering Services posts found it’s way in Twitter and many people started sharing the post. Much to everyone’s amazement. Bong Revilla’s wife ‘Lani Mercado Revilla’ official Twitter account ‘re-tweeted’ that same photo — does she agree that her husband is ‘Mag-nanakaw’?


Many netizens on Facebook quickly reacted to her recent re-tweets.



How about you? What do you think about Revilla’s wife’s re-tweet. Does she agree now that Bong Revilla is really a ‘Magnanakaw’?


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