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Traydor!? PH Navy Website used Chinese Navy Photo to recruit Filipino reservists

It appears that the official website of the Philippine Naval Reserve command is using what appears to be a photo of President Rodrigo Duterte saluting the Chinese Navy men aboard a Chinese navy ship as it appears at the bottom of the official website.


The irony of this is that this a Philippine Navy website owned and managed using our own taxes. Can you imagine? this brazen treachery committed against our motherland. Our own soldiers committing treason by posting pictures of our enemies in our own official navy website? Here’s the photo of Duterte’s visit aboard the Chinese navy Changchun in Davao city last, May 1, 2017.

The webpage has since been disabled but we are able to get an archive version of it in this link.

China stole our jobs, territories and now our own navy?

Duterte’s unfair dealings with China continues as he signed up for high-interest loans and infrstracture projects which requires Chinese manpower. This has significantly worsened the employment situation in the country where ironically even now still there are thousands of Filipinos leaving their families to work overseas due to the lack of better employment opportunities in the country. It’s also been known that Chinese workers were paid handsomely using our own taxes as they work on infrastracture projects here in our country.

What is even worst is that those high-interest loans from China could impact our economic situtation as our government needs to raise taxes to keep up with the loan payments. On top of that is the never ending corruption which has worsened under Duterte. According to a Philippine Senator Ping Lacson. There’s been billions worth of pork barrell projects parked to benefit known Duterte allies. These people couldn’t even sufficiently justify their inflated budgets. Right now, many of our countrymen were suffering from high prices of goods despite the easing inflation rates due to lowering prices of oil in the global market.

As our countrymen’s household budget and income is voraciously eroded by Duterte’s TRAIN Law and unfair economic policies which only favors the rich and the powerful. Adding insult to injury is that he’s utter shamelessness in selling our own seas and territories so he can feed his crocodiles in Congress so they’d sign up with whatever he like and wants. Brought about by his unquenching desire to -reinstall the Marcosian dynasty which plaugue the country for decades and was ousted in a peaceful mass demonstration in 1987.

His accelerating desire to absolutely clamp down dissent that is now starting as he continues to harass known critics especially journalists who report something that is not to his taste.

Dear Filipinos. Stand for your country. Resist against Chinese invasion of WPS and its attempt to manipulate our people to bow down before the vile wimp of Malacanang.

Years may come and go. These traitors shall pay…

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