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Sara Duterte for President page maliciously used photo from US Rally claiming it is Hugpong

Since the start of the senatorial campaign. There’s been heaps of fake news sites and pages blurting out propaganda messages in favor of Hugpong candidates. Though it shouldn’t come to us as a surprise right? Since they did this way back in 2016 during the Presidential elections which led Duterte’s landslide victory. Yep! It’s Duterte’s well-oiled propaganda machine again doing it’s usual tricks to enslave and manipulate people’s minds into thinking that Hugpong is more popular than the opposition slate Otso Diretso.

One of the many fake news posts distributed by known Duterte fake news influencers is this page named ‘Sara Duterte for President 2022’. Where it shows a picture of thousands gathering up for a what the page claimed to have been one of Hugpong ng Pagbabago’s campaign sortie. (image below)


And this is what Duterte supporters commented on in it’s hundreds of shares in social-media.

And here’s another one I caught in one of the shared post on one of Pro Duterte groups.



Sarah Duterte for President used ‘Photo’ from a US March for Our Lives rally

Unfortunately, as much as the Duterte supporters would like to justify this or not. However, the photo is clearly fake. The original photo comes from the ‘March for Our Lives’ rally held last-year in Washington DC, United States of America.


Here’s the link of the original article. Also, a similar photo have been posted in ‘Civil Disobedience Supplies’ in this photo below.


Here’s the original link of the article.

Fake News continues to be weaponized by Duterte’s candidates to gain the upperhand against the opposition slate. And according to latest reports from CyberEdsa. This is working and infecting like-minded gullibles at an alarming rate. I shall release a copy of this report in the next few days so you can see the extent of Duterte’s disinformation campaign. Right now, we must hold firm, stand guard and report fake news articles before they could ever get that much traction. Let’s just hope that Facebook will suspend these pages for good.

Or else. Hugpong might actually win these elections. Our country will surely be done for..

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