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PNOY is still the best President so far

It’s been several years since former President Aquino left the highest office of the land and passed it on to the currently elected President Duterte. Since then, many atrocities have since been committed by Duterte in his hopes of reviving the Marcosian dynasty and have overwhelming control over the entire country through Martial Law or Revolutionary Government. He launched a brutal war against drug-pushers and users. Killing thousands of innocent civilians including women and children. Duterte made fun of the situation and issued threats against human-rights activists, opposition leaders and even members of the Catholic Church.

Duterte’s massive Duterterioration of the nation’s conscience

Until now, since Duterte assumed office in Malacanang. Many continue to laugh and jived in with his insulting and misogynistic jokes. It is as if our conscious and rational understanding of things, events and people has turned sour and appeared to have fully disintegrated swooned under his populist charm. My friends would always praise his fiery filled oratorical speeches a masterpiece of a no-frills direct to the point President. Back in 2016 — I somewhat agreed with them. Hence, we have to actually bet on it and see his sincerity as a leader and test him out right? True enough, we’ve given him the benefit of the doubt which in just several months of controlling the executive branch of the government. Duterte turned his weapons against his critics particularly opposition leaders and the media. I think the most ironic part of it all was when suddenly went 360 degrees and turned Pro China despite the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling re-affirming our sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea and debunking China’s nine-dashed-line. This is when I started hating him.

At the height of his campaign against the War on Drugs. Duterte unleashed his infamous ‘Death Squads’ on the poorest Filipinos living in the slums and having them executed with a packet of shabu and a shiny new gun. One of the families of the slain drug-pusher remarked that they couldn’t even afford to eat three times a day or even at least get his body buried. And now the police found a shiny new gun in his hand? Doesn’t seem to be right. But still. Duterte’s massive online social-media machine prop up propaganda stories to seize the narrative and overwhelm legitimate news agencies. The goal was to simply drown out the facts and manipulate the masses with one-sided ultra-partisan propaganda leveled against the former President  Aquino and the so-called Dilawans.

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Just several months later. Duterte used his super-majority in the Congress and attacked the brave Senator Leila De Lima who’s been very vocal against his War on Drugs and previously investigated his Davao Death Squads during her stint as the DOJ Chief under the Aquino regime. Duterte retaliated with vengeance and alongside his trolls and social-media influencers. They converged and attacked In a multi-pronged approach in achieving what seemed to be impossible. He succeeded in planting intrigues and destroyed Leila De Lima’s integrity using fake news and propaganda networks. And then using his legal lynching riflemen to use convicted felons as a witness for her alleged treachery. Even using her former driver as an excuse for her morality. Worst. The sacred halls of Congress had somewhat become a place for baboons and hyenas as they grin and laughed over De Lima’s supposedly leak sex-scandal video. Even hapless netizens shared copies of it and cackles like witches. As they watch in every frame of the fabricated sex-scandal video.

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Not only that. The attack continues as Duterte unleashes his trolls and black-propaganda influencers against traditional and legitimate media institutions in an effort to muffled their impact over how people consume their content. Thus, by destroying public trust over the media. Duterte ensured that many unsuspecting and gullible Filipinos will only just rely on Pro Duterte propaganda news sites which then created an information sink-hole where thousands of Filipinos fell prey to it every day. Most notably, OFW’s who has no means of accessing news and information locally and had to rely on Internet sites and social media pages for the latest events and updates in the country.

DEATH THREAT. Rappler reporter Pia Ranada was attacked for asking the president questions on catcalling.

DEATH THREAT. A Facebook user tells Rappler that he won't wonder if one of our administrators or managers will be murdered.

Until now, many laughs on his rape jokes, insults against people’s religions and their leaders, threats and even his defeatist stance on the West Philippine Sea as he silently cedes this territory to China in exchange of high-interest loans that will be paid off by the people using incredibly high-taxes such as that of ‘TRAIN Law’. I’m surprised that people are still okay with all of this. No outrage whatsoever. Perhaps, I wondered. if this was Aquino acting all rowdy and crappy. I’m sure everyone would be outraged and deposed of him.

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Life was better during the Aquino regime

Back then, life was better. Though not perfect. We still have to hustle and though still, there are economic inequalities we were getting there. Political discourse in social media was also better, we are united as a people. We freely speak our mind out without being attacked or threatened. No one judges you of your political color. Everyone is Pro-People. There are no ultra-partisan trolls sponsored by Aquino himself to defend his name. He let us all speak our mind. The media is free to report whatever it liked and neither had been attacked so maliciously as they were now.

Aquino’s stance against drugs has always been pretty stiff as all the previous President’s before him. In fact, he has achieved quite a lot in destroying illegal drug trade in the country through legal means. As evident on the data released by the National Prosecution Service. That Aquino spearheaded a campaign of arresting and charging drug-offenders in court. According the graph published by Rappler. It shows that legal actions taken by the government against drug-offenders shot up since 2009 and steadily increased every year during the Aquino regime. And then by mid-2017, the number of drug cases filed in court lessened.

The most ironic part is that when Duterte assumed office. He promised that he will be focusing on eradicating drugs but illegal drug conviction rates didn’t even significantly improve.  According to data from the National Prosecution Service. The prosecution success rate only improved slightly by about 2%.

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Alongside the seemingly bogged down legal framework of charging drug-offenders. Under the Duterte regime, the number of drug-offenders ha since shot up from 1.3 Million to 3.2 Million. Last 2017 Cayetano inflated the number to 7 Million drug users. And now just this year. He warned that the number of drug offenders is now 8 Million. Is Duterte’s supposedly effective drug-war really doing its work? Or was it really just ploy to attack competing drug-syndicates and control the proliferation of illegal drugs all across the country. If this is true then we need to re-evaluate and propose another strategy that might work. The best strategy employed by the previous administrations has so far been better. In fact, during the time Aquino. The number of drug-users was far lower than Duterte’s 8 million drug users.

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Apart from his successful anti-drug campaign. Aquino had done so much in infrastructure projects and for modernizing the military without having to rely on huge disadvtangeous loans from sketchy countries especially China who has illegally plundered our seas and invaded our shoals. Here are some of the projects from 2016 to 2020.



Project Name Description Target date of completion
NAIA Expressway, Phase II A 4.70-km , four-lane elevated expressway from Sales Road to MIA Road; will reduce average travel time between Skyway and NAIA Terminal 1 November 2016 (75% complete as of April 2016)
Tignon-Goa-San Jose-Lagonoy-Guijalo Tourism Road Will reduce travel time between Naga City and Caramoan; an access road to Caramoan Island, a tourist destination in Camarines Sur July 2016
Naga Airport, Naga City Expansion and improvement of passenger terminal building to provide wider space for passengers and improve service delivery October 2016
Tabaco Port, Tabaco City Expansion of reinforced concrete wharf and construction of backup area to provide wider space for vessels and passengers August 2016 (81% as of April 2016)
Rehabilitation of damaged wharf November 2016 (34% as of April 2016)
Legazpi Base Port, Legazpi City Rehabilitation and upgrade of damaged wharf December 2016 (22% as of April 2016)
Jct. Menzi-Dahican-Lawigan Tourism Road Leads to Cinco Masao Beach Resort in the municipality of Mati Novmber 2016
Lupon Port, Lupon Extension of reinforced concrete pier, construction of sea wall, expansion of back-up area June 2016
Replacement of Lucban Brudge and approaches along Manila North Road Connects five major highways (Daang Maharlika, Cagayan Valley Road, Jct. Logac-Magapit Road, Bangag-Magapit Road, and Manila North Road) November 2016 (94.28% complete)
Lobo-Malabrigo-San Juan Road An access road to the beaches in San Juan and Lobo September 2016
Gandara-Matuguinao Road Concreting of road sections and slope protection works September 2016
Catablogan Port, Catbalogan Port improvement July 2016 (60.42% as of April 2016)
Butuan City-Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Road (BCIR) Project Will reduce travel time between Opol and Laguindingan; will provide additional access to the Laguindingan Airport November 2016
Widening of BCIR Project Widening of 16.92 kms of road sections November 2016
Jasaan Port, Kimaya Port development August 2016
Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway Wil reduce travel time between Tarlac City and Rosales, Pangasinan; upon full completion, will also reduce average travel time between Tarlac City and Rosario, La Union December 2016
Bagac-Mariveles road Will provide a fast alternative route along the Subic-Morong-Bagac-Mariveles Route December 2016 (22.5% complete as of April 2016)
Gurel-Bokod-Kabayan-Buguias-Abatan Road Will lead to tourist destinations such as the Mt. Pulag and Kabayan Caves; will reduce average travel time between Brgy. Gurel, Bokod, and Brgy Abatan, Buguias; will serve as an alternate route to Mountain Province and Ifugao July 2016
PH Air Force – Two C-130 Aircraft units 2nd unit to be delivered in the 3rd quarter of 2016
PH Air Force – Two Light Lift Aircraft (C-212) units To be delivered within 2016
PH Army – 28 Armored personnel Carrier units 14 units delivered; remaining units to be delivered within 2016
PH Navy – One 3rd Weather High Endurance Cutter To be delivered within 2016


NLEX Harbor Link Will connect MacArthur Highway in Valenzuela City and C3 in Caloocan City; will provide axxess to NLEX without passing through EDSA or the Balintawak Toll Plaza September 2017 (24.42% complete as of March 2016)
Pasig Marikina River Channel Covers the cities of Mandaluyong, Manila, Makati, and Pasig; will decrease flood inundation and reduce flood damage June 2017 (56.84% complete as of March 2016)
Southwest Intermodal Terminal An intermodal terminal for buses on the routes between Metro Manila and Cavite; will connect passengers from Cavite to other Metro Manila-bound transport modes November 2017
Cogon-Kapatagan-Mainit Tourist Road Will lead to various tourist destinations such as Camp Sabros; will reduce travel tie between the city proper of Digos and Barangay Cogon January 2017 (70.31% complete as of April 2016)
Kapatagan-Tibolo Road Concreting of a 6.02-km road section January 2017
Medellin-Daanbantayan Road Will lead to Maya RORO Port, which serves as an access point to Daanbantayan’s beaches; will reduce average travel time between Barangay Maya and Cebu City February 2017 (20% complete as of April 2016)
Ballay-Tabio-Tonoman-Bulalacao-Tawangan-Lusod Road Will serve as an alternate route to Tinoc, Ifugao March 2017
Panglao Airport Project, Panglao Island Will serve as a replacement for Tagbilaran Airport December 2017 (2.43% complete as of January 2016)
PH Navy – Two Strategic Sealift vessels 2nd unit to be delivered on May 2017


C5 South Link Expressway Will reduce travel time from Taguig to Las Piñas/Cavite; will provide a direct, high-capacity route between the Makati and Taguig business districts to residential areas in Cavite, Parañaque and Las Piñas Phase 1 target completion in June 2018; Phase 2 target completion in December 2018
LRT Line 2 East Extension Project LRT-2 extension from Santolan, Pasig to Masinag, Antipolo First quarter of 2018 (16.38% complete as of April 2016)
PH Navy – Two Anti-submarine Warfare Capable Helicopters To be delivered within 2018
PH Air Force – Two Long-range Patrol Aircrafts
PH Air Force – Six Close Air Support Aircrafts


NLEX Harbor Link Segment 8.2 Will connect Mindanao Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City; will reduce travel time from Mindanao Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue Fourth quarter of 2019
Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Line 7 Development of an integrated ransport sysystem which involves a rail line from North Avenue, Quezon City to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan; an intermodal transport terminal (ITT) adjacent to the San Jose del Monte station; and a 6-lane road from NLEX Bocaue Interchange to the ITT 2019
Mactan Cebu Internatonal Airport New Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) Project, Mactan Construction of a new PTB; privatization of the airport’s operations and maintenance; renovation, expansion and rehabilitation of the existing PTB June 2019 (6.68% complete as of January 2016)
PH Navy – Two Frigate units To be delivered within 2019


Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 1 South Extension Project Extension of the LRT from Baclaran to Bacoor, Cavite First quarter of 2020

Multi-year Completion

MRT Line 3 Projects


Procurement of 28 new light rail vehicles (LRV) Six LRV have been delivered as of April 2016; two more LRV deliveries targeted for May 2016
Procurement of long-term maintenance provider December 2018
Rehabilitation of rail, traction motors, signalling system, and conveyance facilities, among others Second quarter of 2017
New Bicol International Airport Construction of runway, taxiway, apron, and perimeter fence October 2016 (77% complete as of April 2016)
Site development and construction of landslide facilities May 2018
Construction of passenger terminal building December 2018
Plaridel Bypass Road Project Will connect the NLEX in Balagtas, Bulacan and the Maharlika Highway in San Rafael Bulacan; will provide a faster route to San Rafael without passing through the town proper of Plaridel and the commercial areas of Pulilan and Baliuag along the Maharlika Highway; will cut travel time between Burol, Balagtas and Maasim, san Rafael May 2018 (53.36% complete as of February 2016)
Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project Will provide clean and affordable trated water to 22 water distracts in 21 municipalities and three cities in Bulacan Stage 1: July 2016 to July 2017; Stage 2: July 2017 to July 2018; Stage 3: 2020 to 2045
PH Air Force – 12 FA-50 Aircraft units 2017


Under Aquino’s sturdy governance. We until now reaped the benefits of his hard work. We’ve achieved 5.9% average growth rate in the past five years before Duterte assumed office and this is undeniably strong-looking compared to past administrations. Foreign direct investments (FDI) in the country, which are believed to deliver employment and growth, have risen through the years under Aquino: US$2.0 billion in 2011, US$3.2 billion in 2012, US$3.7 billion in 2013, US$5.7 billion in 2014, and US$5.7 billion in 2015. Official employment figures indicate an increase from 93.6% in April 2015 to 93.9% to April 2016.

Aquino regime lifted 1 million poor Filipinos from poverty

Image result for aquinO SUPPORTERS

Also, we can give credit to his unceasing efforts in creating jobs for many Filipinos here and abroad. With a strong emphasis in creating diplomatic ties with many different countries. Leaving behind a powerful and well-remembered legacy of economic stability and conscientious governance.

But what I liked most during the Aquino regime was his unrelenting diplomatic pressure to keep Chinese incursions in the West Philippine Sea at bay. He modernized the navy and the air force as a deterrence to meet the Chinese threat. He stood firm in his ideas and spoke publicly against the Chinese Communist Party. He demanded International support and he received. He was lauded by International leaders for his decision to counter China’s aggressive stance in the West Philippine Sea diplomatically and channeling legal means to re-assert sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.

Image result for west philippine sea gif

Should it have been granted that Aquino stayed for an extra year or two? I’m pretty sure he would capitalize on the recent victory in the Permanent Court of Arbitration and personally ride the latest newly acquired navy-ships straight on the seas near Pag-Asa Island just like Widodo in Northern seas of Natuna Islands. However, a cheeky bastard Duterte bragged about riding a jetski near disputed waters only to remark later that it was actually a joke — you fell for it?

Now, how about Duterte?

Well, Duterte’s actions and decisions made the situation from better to worst.

  1. Duterte failed in his War on Drugs — citing the number of drug offenders increased from 1.3 M to 8 Million in 2019
  2. Duterte failed in the economy
  3. Duterte worsened job-creation — the lowest in the many decades
  4. Duterte gave away jobs to Chinese citizens instead of Filipinos in exchange for more loans
  5. Duterte plans to sell the West Philippine Sea through a landmark joint oil exploration deal with China
  6. Duterte worsened the lives of the poor by eroding their income through his infamous TRAIN Law
  7. Duterte butchered poor innocent people to prop up his fake Drug War propaganda
  8. Duterte unleashed an army of fake accounts, trolls and paid social-media influencers to divide the people
  9. Duterte also used his legal lynching machinery to attack journalists and opposition senators
  10. Duterte insults and seeks the destruction of the Catholic Church which is a gross violation of our religious freedom

I’m pretty sure there’s more to add up on this list. And I tell — it’s very exhausting to talk about Duterte’s failures. As it makes you wonder why is he still afloat up until today? Well, the best way to do this is to ally himself with regional powers. Corrupt syndicated political families. In short, elitist. He wants to look pang-masa when in reality he favors only the rich Chinese businessmen and showers them with projects and deals which will affect the lives of his people.

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