Mocha Uson used wrong photo to fool voters about Otso Diretso’s visit in HK

Mocha Uson has since been actively sharing fake news in the past few weeks right during the start of the campaign period for this 2019 elections. On one of her post March, 10, 2019.


She claimed that the number of crowds who greeted her during her visit in Hongkong were far more numerous than the recent opposition slate’s visit there. However, we’ve received contradicting photos and testimonies from Hongkong supporters who debunked Mocha Uson’s false claims.

On the picture. You can see the large swelling crowds of supporters. According to the people who attended the gathering. Everyone brought their own food. No freebies has been given away compared to Hugpong’s last visit there. Everyone just wanted to come and greet the Otso Diretso candidates as sign of their support for this upcoming elections.

In this photo you can even see the feisty senatorial aspirant Samira Gutoc taking selfies with HK OFW’s. Man — if only you’d met her. She’s absolutely nice. And you can really feel her sincerity and love for our country. She’s one of the only few candidates who couldn’t afford getting billboards and posters of her but she continues to rally up support from the masses using only her exceptional talent, wits and untainted sincerity to serve the country. Most especially to represent the Muslim minorities in the country.


In this other photo you can see Erin Tañada taking selfies with HK OFW’s in Hongkong. You can see the smiling faces of people gathering in the event. I don’t see what Mocha Uson want’s to imply on her photo.

Mocha Uson the Queen of Fake News strikes again!

We’ve known Mocha from her countless numbers of notoriously deceptive fake news stories. She was not know for her brilliance but her capacity to suck up Duterte’s every whims and defend him even despite the fact that people we’re paying her through her taxes in her stint as a former PCOO official. She’s been the master propagandists. She didn’t really care if her posts were somewhat misleading for as long as it serves her own narrative. Mocha Uson is now using her large number of gullible following to spread the contagion of deceptive propaganda messages in order to undermine the opposition and also secure the victory of her much favored Hugpong ng Pagbabago and of course her pork-barrel scandal linked partylist AA Kasosyo.

We must be on guard on attacks just like this. Share and make sure that everyone is well informed. 🙂

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