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Chinese mainlanders availing Senior Citizen discounts in the Philippines?

A netizen posted on Facebook how he encountered several Chinese senior citizens using what appeared to be Philippine senior citizen ID’s that looked like an ATM card despite not being able to speak Filipino nor even English. Which was quite suspicious.

Unfair for Filipino seniour citizens

If these Chinese aliens did received Seniour Citizen ID’s issued by our government then this grossly unfair for our seniour citizens who at times been not receiving any of these government-mandated services. Adding insult to that is these people came from a country who blatantly abused and harassed our fishermen then took control of our Exclusive Economic Zone in the West Philippine Sea. According to the DFA. There’s alreay been thousands of undocumented illegal Chinese thriving within the country and Duterte isn’t too happy chasing at them and legally imposing our immigration laws. For some unknown reason. It seems that Duterte is grossly beholden to his Chinese masters.

Filipino Netizens continues air their concerns over social-media on the alarming number of mainlanders in the Philippines as if they’re in coming in hordes which could possibly distract and cause problems in the future. Also, their presence may even be used to cheat and sway elections in Duterte’s favor. As evident, they’ve been sucking up government benefits intended for Filipino citizens.


Expanding Seniour Citizen benefits to aliens

Back in 2014. There’s been plans of expanding the benefits for Seniour citizens to include aliens and foreigners authored by Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez and ABANTE Mindanao party-list Rep. Maximo Rodriguez Jr House Bill 4191, which grants foreigners who are residing in the Philippines and are at least 60 years of age granted the same privileges given to Filipino senior citizens.

“These are foreign nationals who have relocated to the Philippines and chosen the country as their own second home,”

However, this has since been pending in the House of Representatives.

So theoricaly, these Chinese citizens willfully using an illegally issued seniour citizens ID could be liable under the law and the penalty may even be tantamount to deportation.

Would you agree if foreigner seniour citizens be given discounts and privileges just any natural-born Filipino would have?

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