Philippines 27x worst than Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan in Global Rule of Law Index

The Philippines fell 18 levels down due to lawless constraints on Government Powers, Human Rights, Order and Security, and Criminal Justice. This is according to the (2017-2018) report published by the World Justice Project.

The World Justice Project® (WJP) is an independent, multidisciplinary organization working to advance the rule of law worldwide.

This is because effective rule of law reduces corruption, combats poverty and disease, and protects people from injustices large and small. It is the foundation for communities of justice, opportunity, and peace—underpinning development, accountable government, and respect for fundamental rights.

The Philippines fast deteriorating justice system under Duterte

Under the current leadership of the strongman Rodrigo Duterte. The country’s weak and fledgling judicial systems has since been further weakened and  preyed upon by Duterte’s allies ensuring that those whom were previously accused of plunder were freed from their shackles and puts themselves back in power. Noteworthy of course is the acquittal of some of the big names of the pork-barrel scandal which rocked the Aquino regime many years back, has now allied themselves to the powers with Duterte in hopes to save their backs from judicial prosecution and opens up the opportunity to plunder for more funds.

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Duterte’s popularity hinges on his ability to make full use of his social-media army/followers and propagandists. Despite the media’s criticisms. Duterte’s popularity soars even higher using fake news and any manner of black propaganda to destroy and obliterate his enemies. Duterte’s efficient control the media in the palm of his hands using all manners of legal lynching to threaten them with tax lawsuits  and libel cases. One of this noteworthy example is when he threatens to revoke ABS-CBN Congressional franchise to operate or even senseless criminal cases filed against Rappler’s CEO Maria Ressa.

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Duterte’s official policy of mass butchery

Since 2016. Duterte declared a war against Drugs. Ordering his policemen to hunt down drug-traffickers and users so he can kill them. In fact, in so many of his speeches he even said that he’d be happy to slaughter every single drug-user down or suspected drug-pusher just as how Hitler gassed the Jews. As a result? The Philippine police heeded his call and true enough — more than 25,000 people lay dead in the streets while the cops turned up saying it was just self-defense and those men fought back with their guns. However, not everyone buy’s this story as evident on the most recent SWS Surveys. Because all if not most of these EJK victimes were too poor to ever even afford to bury their dead how much more can they afford a gun?

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Despite glaring evidences, testimonies and calls from various groups and organizations to allow impartial probe on Duterte’s extra-judicial killings. Duterte relented even after the recent Supreme Court ruling which required the Philippine National Police to release it’s drug-war documents for scrutiny — Duterte’s Solicitor General Jose Calida flatly refused. Also, even during the senate hearings which was accommodated by Dick Gordon has since even been maliciously trashed. With many calling Dick Gordon a Duterte paid hack.

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And so it appears that all the legal channels of ensuring solving Duterte’s War on Drugs and giving remedy to the families of EJK victims had been abruptly closed. So opposition senators seek the assistance of the International Criminal Court and eventually filed a formal complain against Rodrigo Duterte. In response, Duterte threatened to butcher any UN investigator who sets foot in Philippine soil to investigate his crimes. He even asked his policemen not to answer questions from investigators and don’t participate in any forms of impartial investigation so he can cover up his official policy of mass butchery.

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According to the Rule of Law Justice Index — Philippines 27x worst than Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan?

If we are to base this commentary in the latest Rule of Law Justice Index (2017-2018) notwithstanding the current rankings for 2019 which is by far even worst. It’s the Philippines is the biggest mover dropping 18 points down. It’s the biggest drop compared to all the 113 countries listed in the Global Rule of Law Index.

Here’s the Rule of Law Justice Index of Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan

So if you do the math. Both countries gained 9+ points boost which means that their judicial systems has since been improved to better serve it’s citizens. This a huge leap forward for both countries if we are to consider it’s poverty stricken population and equally corrupt government. However, if we compare this with the Philippines which is by far has better economy and well-educated and capable citizens. And yet here we are dropping 18 levels down? Worst – we’re in gap of 27 levels if we factor in +9 levels up of both countries?

Here’s the link to the PDF file

The irony of this is that Philippines ranks 28th richest country in terms of billions worth of International $ (955.219) and while Sri Lanka is way down the list with a rank of 61 and holding only about 292.311 billions worth of International $. This is according to the data from the International Monetary Fund. Consecutively, similar ranges of data differences can be observed on World Bank and CIA charts for 2018.

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So a richer country Philippines couldn’t afford to give it’s citizens the rule of law it deserves? Than a country which is dismally poorer but able to lift itself up and provides better judicial process and systems for its citizens? Something isn’t right here. And I’m sure you know why.

The secret mastermind of this disaster lies in that one man sitting in Malacanang today.

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