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Chinese soldiers silently invading the Philippines to protect Duterte?

In a post published on a Facebook group ‘Asian Alliance Against Red China’. A suspected Chinese military man tried joining the said group with his picture on it.

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This seems to have coincided with Duterte’s recent speeches citing China’s supposed military intervention should there be moves t oust him out of power. Adding to that compendium is Duterte’s seemingly lackluster foreign policy in chasing down undocumented Chinese aliens entering the country. It is as if Duterte intentionally allowed these men to occupy places in the country in hopes that they will be needing their assistance should the time comes. It is unclear however on the real scale of the problem.

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Philippines could be the next Xinjiang?

In north-eastern border of China. There’s a place where many muslims were subjugated into Chinese control. Many were imprisoned and interned in re-education camps where thousands were reportedly murdered. It’s also been well documented that China’s control over the Uyghurs resulted in the destruction of their culture and beliefs. Many of their temples have all been turned into makeshift dollhouses for foreigners and forcing the locals to smile and wave on unsuspecting tourists all day.

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It’s also reported that Chinese military men controls much of the farmlands and that Chinese citizens were given better jobs than the locals themselves. The goal was to minimize the social influence and control of the Uyghurs in the Xinjuang region and quell possible rebellion. These acts has since been slammed by many human-rights groups and organizations. However, China doesn’t seem to care about this and continues to disregard Uyghurs fundamental human-rights.

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Duterte’s suprisingly lackluster motives in allowing large numbers of Chinese military aged and able-bodied men to flood straight into the country is somewhat perplexing owing from the fact that for so many times Duterte only did what he deemed beneficial for him and his allies. In short, there has a to be a reason why Duterte is giving this men ground in the Philippines. He wants China to make him safe.

Duterte doesn’t care about illegal Chinese migrants in the Philippines

Despite the fact that many of these migrants is competing with the loca job-market. Duterte realy doesn’t care. His reasoning? There are 300,000 Filipinos in China and he doesn’t want them deported if the Philippines will impose its immigration laws. This has so far been debunked by China. Also, there’s only 9,000 OFW’s in China and not even close to 300,00 as Duterte wrongly claimed.

Many netizens also commented and bared their sentiments regarding this as they posted it on their Facebook accounts.

As of the moment. Duterte’s inaction to solve and iron-out his immigration polices and chase down the Chinese immigrants is somewhat unnerving. I believe he may be hiding something from us. And at this moment. We could not confirm but we could neither deny the plausibility of having Chinese soldiers secretly invading the Philippines and just waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

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