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Widodo to defend every inch of Indonesia from China while Duterte wants PH to bow down before China

Joko Widodo is an Indonesian politician who is the seventh and current President of Indonesia. Elected in July 2014 as the first Indonesian president to not come from an elite political or military background, he was previously the Mayor of Surakarta from 2005 to 2012, and the Governor of Jakarta from 2012 to 2014. In contrast, we have current sitting President of the Philippines. His name is Rodrigo Roa Duterte who also served as mayor in his hometown Davao City. He too did not come any known political elites nor has any military background. But we do know that he loved to hang-out with Communist armed rebels as he has bragged many times in the past.

Also, they both share the same ruthlessness and ferocity in tackling the illegal drugs issue. In fact, Widodo has since executed many foreigners caught to be importing drugs inside Indonesia. Most notably one of it’s prisoners was one Filipina woman ‘Mary Jane Veloso’ whom were caught smuggling drugs into Indonesian airport. Though we’ve been made aware that she’s innocent to the crime but until now she hangs between life and death despite the previous Philippine president’s stroke of diplomatic ingeunity temporarily saved her from execution.

Historicaly, just like the Philippines, China is also a very good friend of Indonesia. In fact, it’s historical friendship began even from ancient times when Chinese settlers came to Indonesia in Srivijaya (c. 7th century) and Majapahit (c. 14th century) period. And later accelerated during Dutch East Indies Company era.  After the two world wars since 1950s. China has become a diplomatic and trading partner for both countries in Asia.

The South China Sea dispute

Although, Indonesian’s have since been wary on China’s vague claims in 1947 showing a map with U-shaped eleven-dash line in the South China Sea. Two of the dashes in the Gulf of Tonkin were later removed at the behest of Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, reducing the total to nine. However, Indonesia’s fears finally turned reality when in May 2009 China officially submitted the supposed ancient map with the nine-dashed-line claiming the entire South China Sea as theirs. As expected, Indonesia registered it’s complaint and so does other claimant countries including the Philippines.

Until today, China continues illegaly fish and builds illegal structures around South China Sea overlapping Exclusive Economic Rights from claimant countries under UNCLOS including Indonesia and the Philippines. Although, noteworthy that China had in fact acknowledged Indonesia’s soverign claims over Natuna Islands. However, it states that surrounding waters around Natuna Islands is China’s traditional fishing ground according to it’s nine-dashed-line map.

China’s huge fishing locusts plunders sea wealth for the Chinese people

You may have heard from the news that China has since sent its largest fleet of commercial fishing trawlers over the entire South China Sea overlapping other countries Exclusive Economic Zone and undermining its national security by building military installations and bases to repair and refuel their navies whilst they escort these trawlers and fishing boats from within claimant countries own fishing waters. In fact, according to the AMTI satellite images that since Duterte took office in 2016. There’s been a huge increase of fishing activity in the West Philippine Sea.

Image result for china fishing boats amti

Notwithstanding the fact that the Philippines has since been the only one of all claimant countries in the South China Sea who formally lodged a case against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration and I’m pretty sure China wasn’t expecting this but they refused to participate. And after several years of legal scrutiny over China’s historical claims before the UN and the Philippine’s rebuttals and historical evidences which disproves this claim. The Philippines was able to debunk China’s nine-dashed-line in a historic legal victory over China’s hegimony over South China Sea. This victory came late under the Duterte administration but later his supposed independent foreign policy suddenly twisted, reneged and flipped back towards China’s loving arms in exchange of high-interest loans which will surely put economic pressures over it’s own people.

Widodo ordered China’s fishing locusts arrested and fired upon by his navy

Obviously, Joko Widodo is true to his mandate in protecting the interest of his people and ensuring that China’s illegal fishing won’t affect his people’s lives nor it’s countries economy. His ultimate vision for Indonesia was to preserve it’s maritime culture, maintaining and managing marine resources, developing maritime infrastructure and connectivity as well as developing the shipping industry and maritime tourism, inviting other nations to cooperate in the marine field and eliminate source of conflicts at sea, and developing maritime defense forces.

Jokowi Widodo does not tolerate China’s illegal fishing within its own waters. According to him this a mockery out of Indonesian sovereignty and resulting in annual losses of over $20 billion dollars.

“..Indonesia will defend every inch of its land and maritime territory..” – Jokowi Widodo

No Jetskis. Widodo brings his armed navy with him

One noteworthy thing about Widodo is that when compared to his Philippine counterpart Duterte. He personally sailed along with his navy in the northern part of the Natuna Island on seas claimed by China in it’s nine-dashed-line. This is a show of force that Widodo wants convey. And he means business. Any illegal fishing activity within in the northern seas of Natuna Island will be dealt with accordingly.


Rodrigo Duterte – China’s most loyal and beloved puppet

Related image

And now I present to you. The Philippine president. Rodrigo Roa Duterte. He is the most notorious Chinese lackey of all South China Sea claimants. In fact, his administration hasn’t lodged a single diplomatic protest against China in it’s move to militarize and build cruise missile installations which puts severa Philippine islands in it’s deadly crosshairs. Does he even care? His refusal to uphold the recent Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling and pressure China out of the West Philippine Sea is a symbol of what a coward he is. Instead, he turned his foreign policy towards China and sucks up with everything China throws to his country. More illegal workers, casinos, trolls and drugs. Most of his people were kept distracted with a myriad of internal issues such as red-tagging students and supposedly ramping up military expenditures against rebel forces.

Illega Chinese migrants stealing Filipino’s jobs — Duterte says ”Let them steal your jobs!”

Since Duterte assumed office. Thousands or even possibly millions of undocumented Chinese has since entered the country. These people sets up shop and takes away businesses in favor of Chinese workers. But the President argues that this is acceptable because there are Filipino workers in China too. However, the President fails to appreciate the difference :

  1. Unemployment rate is higher in the Philippines vs China
  2. Filipino workers in China are documented whilst Chinese immigrants here were illegal aliens

Wheres our Congress? Why are they silent on the President’s atrocities? Well. They too have become willing puppets of Chinese controlled President.

Image result for house of representatives chinese flag

He even suggested that we needed to be more humble and meek to China so it can be more ‘merciful’ to us. So figuratively speaking. He wants the Filipinos to bow down before China? What a sick demented idea?


Sure, Duterte’s bad boys went to the North East Philippine Sea to go ”splashing” around with their Jetski’s. Of course, using our own naval assets and taxes for their senseless exhibition. Yucks.

Image result for baste jetski

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