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Mocha Uson brags about Baseco beach despite high fecal coliform level tae

Today on one Mocha Uson’s posts. She bragged that the newly cleaned up portion of Manila Bay around Baseco Beach as comparatively at par to one of top beaches like Boracay, Coron and Panglao. However, this is completely untrue since this the sense that though the surface of the water has been cleaned up but the deeper portions of the water still has gunk on it. Not to mention that people who lives nearby may have dumped their fecal matter straight out to the sea. Also, it shows that Mocha Uson even used a highly-exposed and edited snapshot of the Baseco beach to make the sands whiter than they normally are.

Let’s have a closer look on her post.


Now, if you check the photo. Here’s what it shows. Did you see the sand appearing to be so bright and white?

If you have a look this recent photo below. The Baseco beach isn’t as close to Boracay or even Panglao to be honest. These photos were taken by ABS-CBN reporters as of yesterday. (February 25, 2019). And the sand wasn’t so white at all.

Take  a closer look at the sands. They aren’t as close to what Mocha Uson posted on her page.

Holiday crowd at Baseco beach

Mocha Uson spreads Fake News to entice people to swim in Manila Bay which currently has dangerous levels of fecal coliform (tae). Will Mocha Uson be responsible to the health of this people?

According to DENR, In it’s most recent inspection in areas near Baseco Beach. There are about 330 million most probable number (mpn), 3.3 million times above the standard 100 mpn that is ideal for swimming. Did you read that right? It’s 3.3 million times than the safer levels of fecal coliform. That’s how dirty the water is.

Image result for e coli gif

Dangerous levels of fecal-coliform may could also indicate a large concentration of harmful pathogenic strains of the bacteria  ‘E Coli’ in each drops of water in Baseco Beach.  Swimming in waters with high fecal coliform bacteria levels can lead to various diseases such as typhoid fever, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, and dysentery.

I’m sure after posting this. Many gullible Mocha Uson followers will jump out the murky waters of the Baseco Beach with the feels of Boracay and Coron. This people will surely go and swim along with their children. Despite government warnings that it’s not yet safe to swim in these waters due to very dangerous levels of fecal matter. I think Mocha Uson is more than willing to shoulder the expense of those getting sick after a dip on these waters?


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