Duterte’s Hugpong bets scared to face Otcho Diretso candidates in a debate? Bakit nagtago?

I’ve watched almost every senatorial forum and debates between candidates to hear their platforms, solutions, and stance on many issues affecting the country today. And I’m sure we can learn a lot from these debates as it would allow to us to see which of the candidates really knows what they’re doing and how will they make it work once they win the Senate seat. Any senatorial candidate who would give this golden opportunity to discuss and express his or her platforms in public and swoon the crowd with his or her strategies on how he’s going to make it all work.

But we know that candidates like Bong Go, Imee Marcos, Bato Dela Rosa, and the gang were quite reluctant to face the opposition bets in a public debate. What are they being afraid of? Why refuse the Filipinos the chance to get to know them better and as well as allow themselves to defend their platforms and priority agendas once they get elected into office.


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Otcho Diretso candidates patiently waited under the heat of the sun for Hugpong

Today, February 25, 2019. Certain members of the opposition slate patiently waited for the Hugpong candidates to face them off in a public debate to show the people what they’re really made of. What were their plans for the country? Their agendas? How are they going to impose ”change”? If we must look back. Duterte promised this and that it turned nothing but a scam. Hence, many Filipinos coined the term ”Change Scamming”.

Don’t get me wrong but as much as I wanted to be neutral between both senatorial bets. However, the fact remains that in terms of brilliance, sincerity, integrity and most of all consistent priority agenda. I’m going to place my bets on Otcho Diretso. We don’t actually need to think this over. It’s pretty simple. If we were put the country in the hands of Bong Go, Bato, Imee Marcos etc? Imagine where the country headed?

Hugpong afraid to face Otcho Diretso because they simply want to scam the people?

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If Hugpong ng Pagbabago can’t face Otcho Diretso senatorial bets in a head-to-head public debate then we can truly see that these clowns were aiming at hollow and senseless agendas not for the people but for the President. To what end do these clueless crocodiles care about the welfare of the people? If all they really wanted was to pose in the cameras. Give T-Shits, ballers, and envelopes.  Smile and wave. Pretend they’re in it for the people yet silently hiding their sinister plans to plunder with impunity and impose Duterte’s perverted Marcosian dictatorship — yet again.

I want to hear the voice of Hugpong’s candidates but their unwillingness to come forward and bare their platforms and legislative agendas for the people to hear and scrutinize for its feasibility or to see if it answers many of the people’s concerns. Otherwise, these Hugpong ng Pagbabago were just there to become Duterte’s stamp-pad and nothing else.

Voters beware!

+10 points for Otcho Diretso and minus -10 points for Hugpong ng Pagbagago

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