Mocha Uson’s party-list confused between legislative and executive branch of the govt?!

I know that you kinda missed Mocha Uson for a  quite a while now since Gadon is taking most of the social-media limelight using his ridiculous dim-witted and poorly thought out statements while ironically dawdles ‘Bawal ang Bobo” slogan when in fact he himself is a perfect example of ‘dumb” politicians which voters should really watch out for. Nonetheless, let’s get back to the Queen of Fake News – Mocha Uson.  Though she hinted back last year that she might be running for the Senatorial elections this coming May 2019 but suddenly she may have found it quite mentally exhausting. Knowing that she would only be grilled and mashed to a pulp should she attempt to face off many of the highly capable opposition candidates. Afraid of taking the swipes and perhaps a repeat of her famous ”I invoke my right to self”?

Mocha Uson’s party-list AA Kasosyo linked to pork barrel scam

At the height of the pork barrel scam. We’ve seen from the dossiers of evidence and paper-trail of the convicted Janeth Napoles that AA-Kasosyo was one of the bogus NGO’s used to funnel pork-barrel funds According to the DBM website, P12 million of former AA-Kasosyo party-list representative Nasser Pangandaman’s pork barrel was released to the Department of Agriculture and Kaupdanan Mangunguma Foundation Inc (KMFI), an NGO identified with Napoles. Remember that not only does Mocha Uson was running for a party-list linked from Napoles pork-barrel scheme. But also the fact Mocha Uson herself even relented to face lawmakers and ultimately resigned upon the consistent and relentless inquiry of our good friends in the House Representatives regarding PCOO’s highly-inflated budget for 2019.

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According to Blogger and LODI convenor Tonyo Cruz in a letter dated Sept. 6 of last year,  raised the following issues, which it said should be answered by Mocha Uson’s PCOO:

  1.  The findings of the Commission on Audit regarding P39-million questionable expenses related to the 2017 Philippine hosting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit
  2. The increase in its expenses for domestic and foreign travel. The agency’s foreign travel expenses spiked from P15 million in 2016 to P42 million in 2017 while domestic travel expenses
  3. Increased from P15 million in 2016 to P120 million in 2017
  4. The PCOO’s involvement in the making of the video “Pepederalismo;”
  5. The policy with regard to social media posts handled by the agency.

Mocha Uson posted a fake news meme advertising her AA Kasosyo Partylist whilst attacking the former President

In Mocha Uson’s post. February 23, 2019. She said ”..Hiyang hiya naman si Presidente sa inyo..” implying that a meme which lists down all the laws that Duterte signed whilst 3 years in office. While maliciously added as few as 7 new laws that Aquino signed in his first three years in office which is very misleading and grossly inaccurate. Let’s see.

FACT 1: The government is divided into three branches. We have the ‘LEGISLATIVE” branch which debates and crafts the laws of the land. Then we have the EXECUTIVE branch which carries out the law and then the third and last branch which is the ‘JUDICIAL‘ branch which evaluates the law. As illustrated in this infographic below.

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So you can see the difference? Now back to Mocha Uson’s post. As implied on the fake meme shared and posted on her wall. She meant to say that the Duterte Administration has crafted and passed more laws than the Aquino Administration during its first three years. This is what she called to us ”Legislative Achievements”. Take note of the word ”legislative” which means that this could have been an achievement made by lawmakers under the ‘Legislative Branch’ of the govt if they’ve been able to pass so many laws than their peers in the Congress.

Why is Mocha attributing all the laws signed by Duterte as his ‘Legislative Achievement’ when he is not a legislator and not part of the ‘Legislative’ branch of the government?

FACT 2: The Aquino administration signed 279 new laws in 2013 alone. As shown in this screenshots taken by (PinoyAkoBlog) below. 

And then if you sum it all up from 2010 to 2013. Here’s an infographic from GMA News.

Now if you sum this all up. We can conclude that during the Aquino administration he passed the following number of new laws 2010-2013.

  • 2010 – 8 new laws
  • 2011 – 202 new laws
  • 2012 – 177 new laws

TOTAL : 387

And if you compared this to Mocha Usons’ fake news meme. She listed 32 new laws that Duterte signed during his first three years in office. Now if you do the math 32 < 387?

Mocha Uson is weaponizing fake news to capture more votes for her pork-barrel linked party-list

It is becoming apparent to us that the only weapon many that many Duterte’s clowns and crocodiles could take advantage of is through the used of massive social-media propaganda and fake news to disrupt and shape people’s opinions in their own favor. The problem is that we’re giving this responsibility solely to the media when this is a huge problem that should be passed on the only remaining sane-minded netizens of the country. We should help the media disseminate and quash fake news then report them in the most timely manner possible to prevent them from being spread any further.

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My dearest kababayans. Here and abroad. Mocha Uson is again attempting to deceive Filipino voters to fit in her ‘Anti Dilawan’ narrative no matter how inaccurate that information were for as long as its damaging to her perceived enemies. We know this would work because they’ve done this before. And I’m pretty sure it will work if the community as a whole will start to actually listen and debunk these stories in the public sphere and call out their acquaintances from sharing any of this deceptive information.

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Remember that this is our only chance to redeem our country from the clutches of dictatorship and Chinese influence. I know that we all aspire a peaceful and progressive country for our children’s children. A country we can call our own. With a strong and unwavering faith in God. I believe we might be able to pushback and fend off these propaganda efforts currently being waged by our enemies.

We need to do it together. And I mean it. ”Together”.

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