Bomb Rappler office, rape Maria Ressa?! says Pro Duterte netizens

A known Pro Duterte and Marcos influencer Mark Lopez trespassed Rappler premises Thursday afternoon, February 21 holding placards that Rappler must be held accountable for allegedly destroying the country’s image.  (see below video). He mentioned that he went to the Rappler office to clarify and prove to Maria Ressa that he and his friend were not merely trolls using fake accounts.


Mark Lopez called Ressa out and told to her to just pay her taxes and blamed her for shaming the country in the International community. Which we know for a fact that it was Duterte who’s been shaming the country in his fiery, vile, crass and misogynist statements along with his propensity to condone acts of inhumanity perpetrated by his armed forces as well as legal lynching of the press to curtail their freedom to censure his administration and or any of it’s incompentent policies.

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Mocha Uson the infamous Fake News Queen shared the video

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One of Duterte’s most controversial appointees ‘Mocha Uson’ shared the video on her page amplfying its reach and increasing the engagement and the number of people who comments in the live video. And true enough in just a couple of minutes. A huge number of hardcore Duterte fans came and flood the live video feed with comments themed in suggestive violence such as bombing the Rappler’s office or attacking its journalists even to the point of inciting the rape of Maria Ressa.

  “We have been used to online attacks and lies against us by loyalists of the President. But this takes it to a new level. We have taken all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff. We will be the last to question any peaceful form of protest even if, and especially if, against us. But we take seriously the incitement to violence found in the post.” — Rappler

Here’s are some of the comments made on the live video feed published by Mark Lopez as published by Rappler.

Jean Tonic:
“Pasabugin na lang ninyo ang Rappler office para tapos na”
(Just bomb the Rappler office so the problem is solved)

Alvin Veroy:
Sugod na ba tayo sa office ng Rappler?
(So should we attack the Rappler office now?)

Cha Almonte:
Dapat sugurin ng taumbayan tapos kaladkarin nyo palabas yang putang inang yan cnisira nya ang pilipinas!
(The people should attack, then drag that whore out of their office since they are destroying the Philippines!)

Jo M Ty:
Mga idol bilib ako sa ginawa nyo, sana mas marami ang lumusob dyan sa pesteng Rappler na yan…
(My idols, I admire what you did, I hope more people will mob that plague Rappler…)

Lezen Aragrev:
Iparape si Resa kung merung papatul
(Have Resa raped, if there are any takers)

Eduardo Medallada Lotivio:
Pogotan ulo Yan
(Behead her)

Allen AL:
Sugurin na ang Rappler
(Attack Rappler now)

SeAn Lu Gomez Pomida:
Punta ako dyan silaban ko opisina nyan
I’ll go there and burn down that office)

Ron L Aucena:
Pag umuwi mga KaDDS sugufin ang rappler
(When they go out after work, fellow Duterte Diehard Supporters, attack Rappler)

Pancho Caballes:
Kunti pa, lulusubin na talaga ng DDS yang opisina niyo at tiyak maiipit yang butiking Pia na yan. Pilit nilang sinisilaban ang apoy ng DDS. Makikita nila hinahanap nila.


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