#NetizensPower – Comelec orders huge epal billboards of Bong Go taken down

Remember my previous blog-post about COMELEC exempting Bong Go and Tolentino in the list of epal politicians? Well now, the COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon finally ordered those posters and billboards taken down. As you know, they’ve been notorious for putting up huge oversized billboards and sticking their election posters in prohibited areas even despite violating COMELEC’s campaign guidelines. Who cares? These politicians were running for and in favor of the currently sitting President.

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Bong Go spends 400 Million for 117k a month job?

There’s no limit¬†of epalness¬†if you have so much money to spend right? Bong Go has a net worth of about 12 Million Pesos which was quite a lot for someone working as an assistant of the mayor turned President Rodrigo Duterte. Though despite inconsistency and the questionable gap of his net-worth versus the amount now spent in his campaign. You can only wonder where that money was coming from? Who would be the sponsors? I’m sure he must have good reasons on why he’s spending all that money for a position which only gives you about 117,000 pesos a month? How is he going to get that money back anyway? You know the obvious on how. Maybe ask Revilla, Jinggoy and Enrile?

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Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon announces the removal of Bong Go and Tolentino posters

In her tweet. Comelec Election Commissioner Rowena Guanzon posted February 18, 2019, that she is now considering the removal of Bong Go and Tolentino’s epal posters citing ”public demand” as the key reason why she considered the removal. Also, the¬†funny part is that she appeared to have only considered this just because of public outrage. If that is true, then she seemed to have just indirectly admitted that the list of epal politicos were all being hand-picked and that her office deliberately exempts the closest few especially Bong Go the right-hand man of Duterte?

She also mentioned that taking down huge epal billboards violating COMELEC rules and campaign guidelines will be charged at the expense of the candidate. Well Bong Go won’t mind anyways? He has so much money to spend.

Perhaps, the best and easiest way is just to disqualify Bong Go. He doesn’t really deserve to be in the Senate anyway. He appears to be only good at worshipping the President and taking selfies. What good does Bong Go bring in the Senate? He hasn’t even attended a single national public debate. Owing from the fact that ”debating” is and an essential part of lawmaking.

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What is he going to do in the Senate then? Take selfies?

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