Anti-NPA Ronald Cardema was dismissed from PMA because of conspiring with the NPA’s?

NYC Chief Ronald Cardema proposed the removal of government scholarships for students conspiring with the communist rebels and have become willing conspirators to their armed struggle. As a result. many of Duterte’s supporters gladly embraced this idea and hundreds of blog-sites now publishes stories and fake news propping up Ronald Cardema as some ”Marine Corps Commander’ with a mission to rid the country of anti-government movements. In particular, the communist insurgents who continue to fight toe-to-toe with the military in far-flung mountainous provinces in the country. However, the fact is that he is NOT a Marine Corps Commander. He was a PMA cadet who was dishonorably discharged for allegedly conspiring with the communists.

Duterte Youth leader

Duterte Youth leader



Cardema’s dismissal from PMA due to alleged links with the communists

Cardema was dishonorably discharged from the Philippine Military Academy for associating with the NPA while on a supposed sick leave according to a post in ‘Philippine Defense Forum’. And this was also reiterated by Joma Sison in his recent interview from Rappler that. Cardema’s dismissal was because he called for justice for his uncle who had been murdered by a military death squad. So in saying, Cardema is a victim of red-tagging and he should know what it’s like being unjustly tagged as an NPA sympathizer. Imagine how many brilliant students who will lose their scholarships if we are to impose Cardema’s flawed proposal?

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The irony? Last 2016. Cardema even asked Joma to build an armed para-military group ready for war

What now appears to be an Anti NPA proposal was shrouded by his recent communication with Joma Sison. Whom he proposed back in 2016 to start building an armed para-military unit ready for warfare. He also said that these men will be indoctrinated in the ‘leftist’ ideology. And imagine this was coming from the guy now proposes the removal of government scholarships for students suspected in colluding with the leftist insurgents.

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Though I agree that we should adopt a stronger and firmer policy against armed insurgents corrupting our youth and recruiting from our educational institutions. We also need to be more cautious in removing students scholarships given that this is not a privilege but also a human right guaranteed in the Constitution. The most fearful unintended consequence of imposing this proposal is that it easily be used as a weapon to quash youth dissenters and threatens to muffle democratic movements against corrupt and incompetent politicians like his idol Duterte.

Just like Cardema. His boss Duterte was a hardcore NPA supporter

We’ve been seeing Duterte’s speeches praising the NPA’s and encouraging businesses to give in to their demands for revolutionary tax. He even cheered ”Mabuhay ang NPA”  (watch below video)

“..Mabuhay ang NPA, and I will not take that back..” Duterte said / Inquirer report in 2015


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