Gadon is the perfect example of bobo

Here’s a man who seems to be too full of himself. His favorite crass musty tagline ”Bawal ang Bobo” seems to be somewhat misplaced and contradictory since he himself lacks the basic intellectual sense of an adult human being. Given that he has his own share of intellectual mishaps. In fact, too simple things such as filling out the correct forms and even trying to use basic common sense in commenting on certain issues. Perhaps, if this Gadon ever were to engage Ethel Booba in a debate. He won’t stand a chance.

I have nothing personal against the senatorial aspirant Gadon but I do find his language very inappropriate and immature. Riding along the coattails of Duterte’s signature crass and firebrand ”walk-the-talk’ language. Gadon is expecting a huge turnout owing the fact that the mob raves whenever they hear a candidate was somewhat rude,indecent, immature and most of all blabbers fake news or inaccurate data to make himself look smart.

Gadon filled out and submitted the wrong form to COMELEC

Back in school. We were told that we need to always follow instructions when filling out simple forms or answering test exams. Basic common-sense dictates that most if not 99.9% of adults should know how to follow instructions and how coherently understand processes and protocols. However, such an exemption for Gadon. According to COMELEC. He actually submitted the WRONG FORM and thus delaying the confirmation of his candidacy before the COMELEC.

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First — Gadon filled out the wrong form. Now I know Gadon might not have taken his breakfast before filling out the forms or somewhat lack sleep etc which might have been the reason why he made such mistake in the first place. However, isn’t it basic common-sense to always review the form before submitting? Didn’t we know this when we were back in grade school? Gadon couldn’t have possibly filled out the wrong form and not review it. Given that he is a ”lawyer”?

Second — Now the funniest part. Gadon actually submitted the form. No joke. He submitted the form to COMELEC without double checking? Or did he actually double checked it and did not understand what he wrote? Um.. Er.. Bobo?

“..Bawal ang Bobo sa Senado..” – Gadon

Now this is only one of the many instances that he appeared to ”Bobo”. This next one is far even worst.

Gadon wants to butcher Muslims including children in Mindanao for peace

Now as I’ve said before. Gadon is riding the populist coattails of Duterte’s firebrand one-size fits all solution. ”Kill-em-all” right? I’m not even entirely sure if Gadon was just joking but he doesn’t look like he is. In fact, he even detailed his plan step-by-step on how he’d burn their houses, kill their children. Like seriously? What an idiot. Does Gadon really think he can achieve peace by killing so many people at once? WATCH the video below.


I’m pretty sure Gadon here wants a repeat of Duterte’s political victory achieved through his firebrand radical speeches and policies. However, this is quite questionable now. Will this style of politicking still work for 2019? We’ll find out.

Gadon has four disbarment complaints filed against him in the IBP

The first disbarment case against Gadon was filed in 2016 after he allegedly said that Muslims should be killed to attain peace in Mindanao. The second one was when a lawyer Wilfredo Garrido Jr. asked the IBP to revoke his license for his arrogance and dishonesty during the impeachment proceedings at the House of Representatives. Then the third one was several Sereno supporters whom Gadon cursed and insulted in Baguio during a rally. The fourth one  a case filed by “Pinoy Ako” blogger Jover Laurio, Aunell Angcos, and several others before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP).

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