Duterte controlled COMELEC maliciously exempt Bong Go from list of epal election posters

If there’s a Mr Epal Awards for the 2019 senatorial candidates. You’d surely put your bets on Bong Go. Why not right? He’s T-Shirts, Shoes, billboards and posters were everywhere even before the actual campaign period started. In fact, many organizations has called upon it and asked that these posters be taken down. Here’s a photo compiled by Rappler below.

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Even the ice-cream cart and taho — hindi pinatawad?
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Even local government units seemed to have noticed the endless streams of Bong Go posters in their area which prompted Negros Occidental to finally remove it.

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And he even used the government funded or say people funded ‘Malasakit’ program for his publicity stunt.  Mind you, he is no longer a government official. He has since resigned as the Presiden’t aide. However, he seems to be present in almost every government events, activities and treated as valuable dignitary. Such epalness is beyond measure!?

And the worst part is an alleged Malasakit card bearing Bong Go’s name on it. This is from the post of “Vamos Isabela” which has removed already however we’ve obtained copies of the photos.


Bong Go the Philippine National Epal?

We’ve heard so many complaints from netizens about Bong Go’s posters, billboards and cheeky ads which really annoys them so much. In one instance, a gym Anytime Ftiness in Ortigas posted a photo of Bong Go’s ballers and seemingly suggesting that their customers should support Bong Go’s candidacy. Just a few minutes later. They received a barrage of ”one star” review and many existing customers opted out from their services which resulted in a commercial backslash for Anytime Fintess Ortigas.


Even Bong Go gave away smartphones to people bearing his name on it. Yup. No joke. Bong Go gave away smartphones to so many people. Imagine the cost of giving away smartphones to hundreds of thousands of people? How much budget would he require to do just that? Such desperate moves doesn’t look right simply for the position he’s running into. I mean, he is not running as President of Planet Earth is he?

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And if giving away phones with his name and logos on it isn’t enough. He also got a game development company make a game just for him. 

If you are not convinced with his level of awesome ‘Epalness’ Now here’s a photo of Bong Go’s posters plastered all over government owned hospitals PGH.Image result for bong go epal

Duterte controlled Comelec exempt Bong Go on its list of allegedly epal candidates. What a joke? The shameless wimp who used government projects as his publicity stunt is not even on the list?


It is perfectly clear that the list is vetted out before being released to the media. And you know who did the checks and removed his name in the list. I’m not going to say I’m perfectly biased against Bong Go. This really doesn’t require much over-thinking. Bong Go’s posters is just literally everywhere in many parts of the country. And some of them even winded up in places they should not have been in the first place (government owned buildings etc).  He spent so much money trying to get noticed by the people. But the question. Will the people heed the call and vote for him?

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