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The DDoS attack which crippled Juan Luna Blog coming from China

It was yesterday evening when I received an email from the Abuse and Legal Department of my hosting company that my website has been taken down due to an overwhelming numbers of malicious request originating from IP Addresses coming from Russia and China. Their technical team has since been able to block off the requests however due to the huge load that’s coming in. But the site continues to be under load as the IP Addresses vector of attack changes from time to time. Making it difficult to mitigate requests coming from these IP Addresses.

Why China and Russia attacked Juan Luna Blog?

It makes me wonder why of so many possible attack vectors like  news sites and government websites. Why pick Juan Luna Blog? The answer is simple. We’ve reached so much people using only under-powered servers. Easy target for an all-out cyber-attack. You see? I am not institution but just an ordinary citizen of a country where China has both territorial and commercial interests on. Not to mention Russia who is also a willing ally of the now repressive Duterte administration. I reserve no words. I speak bluntly against the abuses, corruption and most of all rampant extra-judicial killings happening in my country. To me, it is no longer just a right. But also a responsibility to safeguard my brother’s and sisters rights. I’ve been sifting through the pages on my website and couldn’t understand why the attack happened and what is the real motives behind it. Then upon checking through I saw that most of the attack came from one of my blog posts made months ago.

It was a story picked up by United Nations – Trendolizer where I made opinionated commentaries on Gloria Arroyo and Duterte administration’s seemingly ulterior motives of warming up China ties. It look as though the article didn’t have that much shares as opposed to other sites out there it was very effective and reached so many people.

DDoS mitigation techniques and DNS Firewall blocking China/Russia

I have since been able to fend off the attacks almost 3 to 4 hours after the initial barrage of malicious requests. Moved the site over to a reputable Content Delivery Network and then immediately setup firewall rules which sends a Javascript challenge from any traffic originating in China and Russia. The reason being is that there are still some legitimate traffic coming from these countries especially OFW’s who reads my blog posts. I don’t want to lose them out.

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Nevertheless, the attack had taken its toll and I lose out with hundreds and thousands of traffic which could have been vital in keeping up with ad-revenues to of course keep the site moving and of course keep me writing. Like I said before. I am not an institution. I only write in my leisure. Given this much audience with the right amount of enthusiasm and patriotism. My writings gets share widely.

Writing against the Duterte administration even as an ordinary citizen puts you in a very disadvantageous position. Not only does you get all the threats and attacks. But you also aren’t going to compensated in the work you do. And most of all, you aren’t going to be able to go all out knowing that if they wanted you dead they always can — you ain’t anyone. You are not a journalist or a politician. You are nothing.

To me. It’s really hard and unforgiving. With all the threats and bashing coming from the other side of the political spectrum. It makes me really sad. We’re only human beings. We get hurt too. And most of all. It makes me really sad for our country.

But I’m fully aware of my true calling. To me, this is a noble work of a true patriot.  I am so thankful that even last December. Some of my followers surprised me with gifts. And I am very thankful to each and everyone who shared their blessings even in these dark times.

I’m not going to care if China and Russia wants to take my website down. But what they did only emboldened me with the courage to step up the game. Continue writing. Expose the corrupt and the plunderers. Attack the abusers. Defend my homeland. Stand with my people. Because I am with great faith. I believe that the time of reckoning shall come. I believe that God will bless the Philippines. I believe that our people will soon be united as one. 🙂

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