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PNOY created 700k jobs while Duterte created only a measly 81k in his first two-years

16th President of the Philippines Rodrigo "Rody" R. Duterte looks on as outgoing President Benigno S. Aquino III starts to troops the line for his departure honor during the inaugural ceremony of President Duterte held at the Malacañang Palace on June 30, 2016. (photo by Richard V. Viñas)

For quite sometime now. Duterte’s well-oiled black-propaganda army continues to harp damaging stories and fake-news against the former administration. They call it in so many names and dismissed those who supports the Aquino administration as ”Dilawans” or ”Yellows’. In fact, I’ve been seeing a lot memes, stories, pictures and articles putting the former administration in a very worst PR nightmare. And not quite expecting it but the former administration simply lacks the same machinery and capacity to debunk all of these allegations. Or maybe downplayed its continuous effect to the masses. Will Duterte’s propaganda machine actually work? They didn’t see that coming. Duterte won in a landslide victory. Fake news did its job. And will continue to be part of the weaponized arsenal in Duterte’s cyber army.

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Pnoy created more jobs for Filipinos than Duterte – I voted for Duterte..

I know we’ve heard a lot of stories about people belittling the former President’s mental capacity. They even went to the point of calling him ‘Abnoy’. Mostly for the way he looks and his serious, insensitive aura. They portrayed  him as an elitist, ignorant matapobre President.  I know and I’ve seen this happening. I for one fell to these sorts of propaganda. In Cebu, I keep seeing a lot of people talking about this and sharing fake news all over Facebook. I sometimes sympathize and agree with the story without actually looking into the merits and taking into account both sides. Though, humans as we are. We tend to always agree on things that we already like and agree upon. Disagreeing on something that we like and idolize is an utter infidelity to our self-professed fascistic dignity. The reason why I can attest to this is that I’ve been one of those people who descended upon the grounds of Plaza Independencia to shout our support for Duterte in his bid for the Presidency. We all believe in his promise and his desire to change the political system. It might have actually worked. I thought. But facts and series of events after his euphoric victory towards his sudden traitorous attitude in clinging over the enemy and invader China’s open arms. To my utter disgust. This isn’t what I voted for!?

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So to speak. We’ve given him the honeymoon period. The time to prove himself and really change the system from its rotten core. Surpass his predecessors and truly show us what it means to be a strongman President. He has the overwhelming numbers of the Congress and the police, the military. Of course. He can do things.  However, this wasn’t the case. From questionable extra-judicial killings which he continues withheld confidential ‘Tokhang’ records from independent and impartial investigation of the Supreme Court as the worst part of which is his sudden warm and romantic love to our enemy China. Who has since encroached our own Exclusive Economic Zone for their benefit and not even a single diplomatic protest has been filed against them.

Here’s the data published by IBON Foundation :

2019 0129_worst job gen First 2 Years

Some of Duterte’s hardcore trolls and supporters may discount this as a disinformation ploy. However,  this data comes from the Philippine Statistic Authority. Where in 2016 it reported 40.998 million in 2016 and then increased to 41.160 million in 2018. Subtracting 40.998 million from 41.160 million gives us 162,000. This 162,000 is the net job creation between 2016 and 2018 or, put another way, the sum of new jobs created in 2017 and 2018. Dividing 162,000 by two gives us 81,000 which, therefore, is the average annual job generation in 2017 and 2018 which are the first two full years of the Duterte administration.

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Is Duterte giving away jobs to Chinese citizens instead?

This can be true. Given that the rapid decrease in job-generation may even have coincided in the sudden surge of illegal Chinese immigrants entering the country. According to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration that there’s been a total of 3.12 million Chinese citizens entered the Philippines from January 2016 to May 2018 and within these figures is a number of Chinese workers, which is still unknown. These numbers were quite high. Many Filipinos even seeks jobs overseas due to the lack of employment in the country.

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According to IBON Foundation :

Latest data shows that the number of employed Filipinos fell by 663,000 to 40.3 million in 2017 from the year before and the number of unemployed rose by 66,000 to 4.1 million. The unemployment rate has also risen to some 9.2% and remains by far the highest in ASEAN.

Just imagine that? We’re running out of jobs and many were even grossly affected by the recent tax-reforms which pushed the prices of goods even higher.

Diehard Duterte Supporter? Or simply be a Diehard Pro Philippines Supporter

As a Duterte supporters. How would you support the President? Perhaps, the easiest answer to that is motivate and criticize him if he’s done anything wrong or anything the can affect our way of life. It’s democracy and by telling him what he’s done wrong. You are actually helping him to steer the nation right where it needs to go. Dissent is NOT destabilization. It’s a guaranteed right to free-speech and convey our grievances to the government whom whose power emanates from us in the first place.

Mind you. I voted for Duterte and voted for Villar last 2010 elections. This may sound crazy. But as the smokedust settles. It is becoming clear that maybe just maybe. We need another Aquino as President?

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