The alleged plunderer Bong Revilla shamelessly used an emergency vehicle for campaigning

You may have been aware that Bong Revilla. ”Mr Pogi” as the pork barrel scam whistleblower described him had been jailed for 4 years and now freed under the Duterte administration. Just this year the Sandiganbayan special first division ruled via majority vote that Revilla is NOT guilty of earning P224.5 million worth of kickbacks through the pork barrel scam. But the funny thing is that its the same anti-graft court who ordered Bong Revilla the return of P124.5 million to the Philippine treasury. Hindi nag nakaw pero may isasauli?

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Bong won’t return 124.5 million taxpayer money

Ladies and gentlemen. We’re talking about 124.5 million of taxpayer money. This isn’t just some ”funds” in some ”treasury” than we can just move on and forget about. However this is hard-earned money of the people which supposedly should have been the beneficiary on how its spent. But the worst part is that all of this is happening under a regime which supposedly have stronger stance against corruption. They call it ”Change is Coming”. This was the kind of change where politicians are fearing the worst from the strongman Tatay Digong. Well we took that marketing so much that many of us actually believe it to be true. However, everything that’s happening now is on the contrary. Plunderers get’s freed and while millions of Filipinos are suffering from surging prices of goods brought about by unnecessary excise taxes on fuel products.

Bong Revilla saved by Duterte to run for Senate?

Bong Revilla has always been a controversial even from his glory days as an actor and now his alleged involvement in the pork-barrel scam that rocked Philippine politics to its core. That many questioned the legality of the pork-barrel issued to the members of the Congress. We’ve been filled with ‘oohhss’ and ‘aahhs’ when Bong Revilla was sent to prison along with his friends Enrile, Jinggoy etc. Back then, the general consensus of the people was to jail the plunderers till they rot in their jail cells. Everyone appears to be happy. No one’s bashing each other because everyone has the similar political sentiments.

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And now today, we see the opposite. Duterte whom was supposed to be a tough-talking anti-corrupt President. Turned to side with Revilla despite glaring evidence pointing him as one of the few Senators who allowed themselves to be used in that scam. In fact, in a sudden twist of irony that Bong Revilla is ordered by the same court to return a significant amount of his loot back to the people’s treasury.

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Just today. A netizen Anthony Suriaga Comedia posted a video on Facebook about an emergency rescue vehicle used for Bong Revilla’s senatorial campaign.

Mind you this the same person who refused to return 124.5 million worth of our taxes and now he’s out using the same resources which should have been used for our own benefit. Such disgusting attitude? Is he using that same amount of money so he can steal from us again whenever he is elected in the Senate?

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