Millions of Filipino children’s lives are at risk because of fake news

We’ve seen how the Duterte propaganda army made a huge mess over the ‘Dengvaxia’ issue. How they played our emotions and created imaginary villains to serve their ‘Anti Dilawan’ narrative. Government agencies most particularly the Public Attorney’s Office quickly jumped in the fray and instantly poured significant amount of manpower over alleged victims etc. Even some of Duterte’s stamp-pad Senators like Dick Gordon who under the ensuing senate investigation also attempted to blow the issue out of proportion which stirs anti-vaccine sentiments that resulted to a poisoned populace who has lost their trust and confidence in vaccination.

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Pro Duterte bloggers indirectly promoted the Anti Vaccine sentiments

There’s an ugly side of blind and fanatical blogging. Simply because most people would just write whatever they want and not anticipating the consequence of their actions or even back their scary rhetoric’s with actual facts . And then the worst part of it is that there are actual political figures backing them up and stoking the flames of disinformation legitimizing their attempt to create an environment of fear and distrust over ”Dengvaxia” most particularly vaccines in general.

During the height of the Dengvaxia mess. Thousands of trolls created various memes putting the Aquino administration in the bad light and worst even call vaccination an unnecessary medical operation. Despite the former President Aquino’s explanation that he didn’t really expect the risk associated with Dengvaxia but knowing full well the dire consequence of ”not vaccinating” since Dengue has a large mortality chance than the actual vaccine itself. As he had said during one of the interviews

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”..People will criticize Aquino even if he didn’t use the vaccine which as a result puts thousands of children to their deaths and then now whenever he decided to use it. People will still criticize him for using a potentially risky but effective vaccine that actually saves children’s lives…”





The most notable person whom we can really attribute the loudest voice against Dengvaxia is none other than PAO’s Acosta herself. She even went as far as posting ‘Anti Vaccine’ posts on her account.

PAO’s Acosta had been accusing the current and former DOH Chief to be colluding with certain personalities to try and thwart the Dengvaxia investigation in their own favor. She’s also been said ultra active in harvesting alleged victims of Dengvaxia to fuel public speculations of a dangerous vaccinations. Thus, most people no longer trust having their children vaccinated which opens them up an even worst and grave lifelong threats that will surely put their children’s lives at risk.

In fact, according to Health Undersecretary Enrique Domingo in his meetings with the World Health Organization and International medical experts around the world were so stumped over the Philippine experience with the Denvgvaxia dengue vaccine.

“Nobody understands why we’re reacting this way. The other countries do not understand why we’re acting this way. The WHO does not understand what happened,” Domingo told Rappler in an interview.

He added, “On a global level, it seems that only the Philippines is reacting this way to the Dengvaxia issue.”

“…The vaccine was made available in 10 other South American and Asian countries in 2016, and Brazil, like the Philippines, implemented a national vaccination campaign…”

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The difference between Brazil and the Philippines’ reactions to Sanofi’s 2017 announcement was stark: whereas the Philippines suspended its school-based dengue vaccination program and is even threatening to sue Sanofi Pasteur, Brazil continued to use the vaccine but limited it to children aged 15 years or older.

Measles outbreak in Duterte’s model city Davao

Health Undersecretary Enrique Domingo said that it’s also the Dengvaxia scare was one of the reasons why the country has suffered a deadly measles outbreak and a decrease in child immunization rate in the entire country.

“Before, they (children) would come to our health centers for their scheduled vaccines. Now we have to seek them (parents) out and convince them,” he shared in an interview.

The Department of Health noted that cases of measles and rubella have dramatically increased to more than 18,000 in 2018 while 2017 saw only 3,804 cases. So you can imagine the numbers where it jumped more than four or five folds!?

It seems that the ultimate reason why people were so motivated to spread more and more disinformation was at part due to circulating memes and posts from Duterte’s triumvirate of fake news. Do you know who they are? These are ”Thinking Pinoy’‘,  ”For the Motherland Sassot” and ”Mocha Uson”.

Fake news will put many children’s lives at risk

The effects of disinformation has caused unnecessary mayhem and sowed distrust over vaccinations. It may only take just a few minutes of videos, memes and cheeky ultrapartisan posts for their bid to fuel public outrage against the former President Aquino and belittle his timely action to help save many lives over the use of Dengvaxia. So point noted — the effects of fake news can have far reaching consequences. It can move people to do things they aren’t normally capable of doing. It can either be extra-judicial killings, rape or even acts of terrorism. \

If we constantly read from propagators of hate-speech, misogyny and fake news. There’s a huge chance that we could consume all those things and embody that ideology. The secret recipy to sow discord and intrigues starts with the fabrication of facts. The best you can do if you still have control over it is to unfollow and unlike these pages. Read real news from real news agencies with credible editorial process.

Don’t trust Nieto and his gang for any sort of information and current events over issues. Pfft…

Time and time again. Think before you click. Double-check before you share. Never trust your biases. Stick with the facts! 🙂

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