Manila Bay has always been cleaned even if there’s no Duterte in office

It is quite surprising that Duterte’s digital squads are now in its ”ultra praise” mode by glorifying their great leader on cleaning the Manila Bay this year (he didn’t actually clean it and he was not there to begin with). Though, I’m happy that the such even took place however I would like to point out some serious inaccuracy and misinformation spread by Duterte’s propaganda pages in a way that the event had been seriously inflated to serve their propaganda interests.

Who cleaned the Manila Bay anyways? It was no Duterte neither any members of the shallow exhibitionist Duterte family joined in with the cleanup. These are people from different cause oriented groups, LGU’s, certain government officials and or private individuals wanting to share their free time in cleaning the Manila Bay. Around 5,000 people converged from Quirino Grandstand and marched to the Manila Baywalk area to kickstart the cleanup. The event was spectacular and well-received. News agencies started streaming tons of content which presented the outcome of the cleanup in seemingly grandiose way. Some photographers put on outstanding filters and added extra image edits to make the scenery more astounding. There are few who even got drone shots taken to portray onhow clean the Manila Bay had become after the cleanup.

This isn’t the first time we did this

Despite all the memes and troll posts from many of Duterte’s propaganda superstars. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this in fact in some cases the number of people who joined the cleanup were far even greater in comparison this one. So it’s wrong to say that ”Duterte” made this all happen since this has been an ongoing and almost regular event where many volunteers and LGU’s committed their time and efforts to clean Manila Bay up.

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In fact, we always clean Manila Bay almost every year. So the one below was in 2012 where Cynthia Villar joined in with the cleanup.

The one below were even as far as 2007. Where thousands of volunteers including LGU’s joined in and cleaned Manila Bay up.

So in totality. The Manila Bay cleanup had been a regular thing so even without Duterte. Such event had always been done almost every year. There shouldn’t be much of a surprise there don’t you think?

As I’ve always been saying since 2016. Duterte won’t do something merely out of political will without any backdoor intentions. He will do anything if that means billions of possible kickbacks and commercial interest be applied to that idea. And then again. I have not been proven wrong.

Manila Bay cleanup efforts is just a propaganda ploy to cover up reclamation plans?

What does we lose in reclaiming Manila  Bay? It is in fact worst than pieces of plastic, dirt and grime floating around the bay. It is a deliberately an act of destroying the remaining marine life in Manila Bay as well as blocking up. In fact, just recently. Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has signed at least three agreements with various corporations’ reclamation and real estate projects covering hundreds of hectares of the Manila Bay. This will extend the previously reclaimed land on which the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex and SM Mall of Asia are built. These cover the Tieng family’s Manila Goldcoast Development Corp. (MGDC’s 148-hectare reclamation in the southern parcel of the Manila-Cavite coastal road), the Sy family’s SM Prime Holdings Inc. (360-hectares) and the Pasay Harbor City consortium (265-hectares). Which means that it will benefit ”who”?

And your guess is as best as mine. It’s Dennis Uy again!!

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So let me get this straight. The recent Manila Bay cleanup was just a diversion and in fact a prepatratory action so Duterte’s sinister plan of ultimately killing Manila Bay through reclamation will be widely supported? And just like Boracay with China’s casino construction there. Duterte did the same strategy of seeming attrition and strong political will. When in fact, all of it were just for show to benefit himself and his beloved campaign donors now turned cronies. In fact, during the recent Senate hearings of Mislatel we’ve known Dennis Uy as one of Duterte’s biggest campaign donors and has preferentially been given priority for the new telco project and had in fact received extremely advantageous deals from the government to satisfy his commercial whims. Thus, be known as the ‘Instant Billionaire” of Davao City because of Duterte himself.

Why is it such a bad-idea to reclaim Manila Bay?  Based on studies conducted by WWF, a poorly planned reclamation will create a giant bowl between Manila and the seashore. The natural slope of Manila Bay helps drain rain water. Once reclamation is completed, the slope will be replaced by higher ground and the rain water will have nowhere to go, thereby creating a new flood area.

So flooding in Manila will in-fact worsened! But Duterte doesn’t care? You people got swooned with his populist stance in cleaning up Manila Bay yet failed to foresee what’s going to happen next.

Image result for ondoy victims

In much worsened flood situation and an Ondoy-like typhoon hitting the country? You probably know what’s going to happen next. Duterte simply doesn’t care?

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