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Hardcore Duterte Supporters in danger of not getting their US VISA’s

On a post in Facebook under Ruth Sanchez. She detailed how her son had to go through several questions relating to ”extra judicial killings” and or whether his son had been inciting his support for such gruesome act of impunity in Duterte’s War against Drugs.  The US Embassy has since been very strict in all of its VISA applications and is now also checking social-media accounts for any behavior tantamount to ultra hypertisanship.

One of the US major newspaper company featured gruesome and shocking stories about Duterte’s Death Squads.

“..They are slaughtering us!” (December 7, 2016), New York Times’ news photographer Daniel Berehulak expressed shock at the scale of the killings, showing stark photos of 57 murder victims at 41 sites in the 35 days he spent in Manila. I witnessed bloody scenes just about everywhere imaginable — on the sidewalk, on train tracks, in front of a girls’ school, outside 7-Eleven stores and a McDonald’s restaurant, across bedroom mattresses and living-room sofas. I watched as a woman in red peeked at one of those grisly sites through fingers held over her eyes, at once trying to protect herself and permit herself one last glance at a man killed in the middle of a busy road..”

Among the estimated millions of readers of the New York Times, which include those who read the Times’ syndicated articles in local newspapers, are employees of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who are tasked with enforcing US immigration laws.

Anti-Atrocity Alien Deportation Act

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act Section 212 lists the “classes of aliens ineligible to receive visas and ineligible for admission” to the United States. Included under subsection E are “participants in Nazi persecutions, genocide or the commission of any act of torture or extrajudicial killing.”

Under this subsection E is: “iii) COMMISSION OF ACTS OF TORTURE OR EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS- Any alien who, outside the United States, has committed, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the commission of– (I) any act of torture, as defined in section 2340 of title 18, United States Code; or (II) under color of law of any foreign nation, any extrajudicial killing, as defined in section 3(a) of the Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991 (28 U.S.C. 1350 note), is inadmissible.”

What does this mean for hardcore  Duterte Supporters?

It means a lot to them. They know that killing people without due process is just wrong. Even the Catholic faith has since been very vocal against it which earned the ire of Duterte which is why he launched a verbal attack against the priests and bishops to try and taint them in the public eyes. However, since this doesn’t seem to work. He then proceeded on calling himself ”Islam” despite displaying many crosses in his house.

If a hardcore Duterte supporter will attempt to fill out the VISA forms even for ‘Tourists Visas’. His Facebook accounts will be accessed by immigration agents and they will try to sift in and dig all of his posts on anything where he expressed his support on Dutertes mass butchery of civilians. If a post did exist or a comment. Highly likely his VISA application will be rejected.

If a hardcore Duterte supporter who works and lives in the US with a green card will then have to apply for US naturalization Form N-400. In it on Part 12 #14, they will be asked: “Were you EVER involved in any way with any of the following: A. Genocide? B. Torture? Killing or trying to kill someone?…”

Duterte is the bane of peace and order in the Philippines. It’s causing such troubles, conflict and unnecessary sufferings to the Filipino people. The world at large despise Duterte’s wanton disrespect of human-rights and justice. If we don’t align ourself in the worlds civil standards then we’ll be kicked out in the club of civilized nations down the path which only North Korea will understand.

American Dream? Or Chinese/North Korean Dream? You decide

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