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PH running out of fish stocks while China harvest them from our own seas

The Philippines is a country in the Southeastern part of Asia with more than 7,100 islands surrounded by waters rich in marine life that can be harvested for export and domestic use. Much of these rich fishing areas lies in the western part of the country which under Duterte has since been dominated by Chinese fishing vessels relentlessly plundering our oceas to feed their people or for export use.

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From one of the worlds top producers of fish is now reeling down and running out of stocks likely due to China’s harassment of PH fishing vessels in the West Philippine Sea.

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The country has since been importing 17,000 metric tons of scad from China for the entirety of 2018. Which we were previously known as one of its top producers.

Many of the Filipino people continues to see China as enemy who squanders over vast majority of the West Philippine Sea and illegally built structures there in violation of International law (UNCLOS) and adding to that fact is our recent victory in the Philippine Court of Arbitration which debunks China’s historic claims in the WPS.

Despite the fact that China has illegally built structures there and harassed our own fishermen. The Duterte administration continues its warmer and timid ties with China. Even as far as giving away billions worth of government contracts and employment opportunities for Chinese businesses and citizens. Even Duterte himself joked about giving the country over to the Chinese invaders and make it one of its province.

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The Philippine government appears to be selling out on China’s every whims and needs in exchange of high-interest and no-strings-attached loans that benefits many corrupt politicians allied to Duterte himself. Without taking into consideration the economic effects of this move and how it will affect many people in the country. However, he doesn’t really care. It seems that he is only beholden to his corrupt allies and bribing their every needs in exchange of their unquestioned loyalty and support.

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As inflation rose higher than it was 9 years ago. And now we’re running out of fish stocks and even rice stocks which pushed the inflation into critical levels. Such brazen incompentence could have instant effect on most people who can still think and understand them. However, many are stuck in Duterte’s social-media limbo. Blind and silent of Duterte’s many atrocities.

To what end would you support this Pro China government?

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