8 is the Philippines only lucky number against Duterte’s dictatorial ambitions

We’ve known for ages that the number 8 is truly a lucky number from science most particularly in Chemistry where the element “Oxygen” the air we breath has an atomic number of 8 . Then also if you start flipping through the pages of the bible and all throughout history. The number 8 has an overwhelming positive a connotation. So what does 8 mean? Perhaps, most notably under the scriptures 1 Peter 3:20 states that there were only 8 people inside Noah’s Ark.

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So what does this mean then?

If you try and recall from the story of Noah. Which swings you back in time many millennia ago when man began to inhabit the earth. “..The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time…” and so God decided to wipe off life in the face of the planet and start all over again. And amongst those people who survived were Noah’s family. There were just 8 people.

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Without going through the merits of its biblical significance hence I do not wish collude my political opinions with religion as I myself am not a religious man. But I want this to make a vital scaling point to try and put this all in perspective on why you should really really vote religiously this coming elections and why your vote matters.

Duterte is the flood. God’s wrath to us all?

Just like the story of Noah. We can still save our country in these dark times. You see, there were so many people mercilessly murdered than any other administration back in Aquino and Gloria days. Not to mention the economic instability brought about by his wanton disregard of human rights as well as his failure to curb corruption and over-spending on many government officials and agencies.

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We see the beast Duterte along with the many people who clamor for his careless non-chalant jokes that includes how he bragged on inserting his finger on their housemaids panty when he was still young as well as making fun about the Australian women who was gang-raped by Davao inmates; stating that the Mayor should have gone first. We know these sort of jokes and many others. And still people don’t seem to care.

Imagine if we were all living within Noah’s story and that knowing full well about the impending doom yet instead we just can’t believe that is ever going to be possible and shut our ears and eyes as the truth slowly unfolds from our own very eyes. But that will be too late.

We’ve lost the way. But there’s still a chance

It’s been three years now and many people has lost their moral compass. To them, it looks like running the country is like a basketball game where you get to pick which side you’re on. Unfortunately, we’re all in the same side its just that we’re not throwing the ball on each other. The real team we’re all up against are the corrupt politicians including Duterte himself who has remained opaque amidst his undisclosed bank transactions which has been flagged by AMLAC, Ombudsman and then leaked by Senator Trillanes.

If we get to work together and cooperate as a team we could do more in saving the country from its sad demise. So in order for that not to happen then its important that we  keep our eyes and ears open. We need to stand guard for any moves to manipulate us on fake stories and claims which puts Duterte and his allied politicians in the positive light.

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The inner workings of this well-oiled propaganda machinery had been immensely effective. This has since took many people by surprise and jolts them into hyper partisanship which includes harassing opposition leaders, activists and even ordinary citizens who simply tries to publish stories or comments against the Duterte administration or its candidates.

The main goal of this propaganda machine is to pitch us all against each other. Makes us hate each other and then continuously feeding that hatred so the polarization continues between us. But I hope this 2019 — I could only hope that we’d be able to do whats right and influence others in making the right voting choices as this is very important in our country’s future than any before.

What is at stake of losing our lucky number in the Senate?

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We could face huge setbacks if we were not able to get significantly dominant numbers in the Senate. Perhaps. one of the serious disadvantage would be that the ploy to change the Constitution may easily passes through with minimal or in-depth review at all which directly puts Philippine interests in jeopardy. Many of these hardcore pro administration Senators may even passes through the Charter Change bill which envisions to change the form of government to a federated streets government. This could be the Philippines worst-case scenario. Owing from the fact that many people could continue to lose their jobs while the government continues to impose hefty taxes on fuel products which cranked up the prices of basic commodities.

The number 8 isn’t only just the number. It’s our country’s only hope for a bright future. Are you up for it?

Though you do not know much about these candidates and I don’t expect that you do. However, I’d want that you try and check them all up yourself. They are dependable, decent and competent to become lawmakers of this government. So I encourage you to learn this all by yourself. No one can force you who to vote and what to do. I only want that you try and do a bit more research about each of the candidates belonging to the Lucky 8. They’re way better.

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