Love conquers all! Dilawan loves DDS story.. Sparks hope for reunification?

I know you probably know why I’m blogging this but the story between Jover Laurio and his groom-to-be is something that we can really draw inspiration from. Today, two different people with completely opposite political views and affiliations. So opposite that being a member of one makes you a likely target of mass bullying and threats. But still despite their stark contradictions — they believed in each other and have come to a point where they’ve set aside their differences and today – they will tie the knot to forever.

According to Jover Laurio’s blog entry dated November 19, 2017. She met her boyfriend on the second quarter of 2014. Their relationship had been great. She described her boyfriend as being sweet, sincere and sometimes cracks annoying jokes. Only did she found out that on 2015. His boyfriend who hails from Davao volunteered in Duterte’s campaign bid for the Presidency. And as for Jover Laurio. She also volunteered to helped Mar Roxas win.

Quarrels for their contradicting political views

According to Jover Laurio’s blog entry. She detailed that during the campaign period. It came to a point where she and her boyfriend starts posting stuff that they both find offensive to their individual political stance and they started fighting about it. If I remember correctly, Jover said during a Fact Checking seminar held in Cebu last year that she and her boyfriend both ”unfriended” themselves in social media so they don’t hear on each others political posts and steer clear from any conflicts arising from it.  Though it worked well for them both and they’ve been able to save the relationship.

Why should we draw inspiration from them?

As you may already be aware. The country is divided, disinformed and manipulated. While politicians plunder with impunity, harasses the opposition and murders innocent people. With no regard for public accountability owing for the politics of division the politics of fear that has broke our country into different warring tribes inciting violence and vile speculations against each other.

Despite all the attacks we get from each other. Despite calling each other’s names. But who we are and we stand for hinges on our single unified determination of truth, justice and real change. Isn’t that what we all want?

The truth of the matter is that we are Filipinos. People with warm, kind and religious. We’ve grown strong from decades and decades of political oppression, war and extreme poverty. We’ve seen the gross violations of human dignity under the regime of Ferdinand Marcos. We’ve known great modern-day heroes who amidst all odds fought against tyrants who usurps democratic powers for their own interests.

As I’ve said. We all wanted the same thing. When I voted for Duterte and supported him during the campaign period. He was exactly what I want because in the same way. You people from the other side of the political spectrum wants the same thing right?

I get attacks from both sides. I was labeled a Dilawan though I am not truly like one. And then many of the Dilawans labeled me as one of vile creature who voted and supported the madman and that my words aren’t to be taken seriously. And I could perhaps be a trouble-maker. I couldn’t be trusted.

I am neither a Dilawan nor a DDS. I am both. I am Filipino. And we should only care about what we can do to make the lives of our fellow man better. And demand accountability to protect our people’s interest and not the interest of some politician. Because at the end of the day — neither you or your children will benefit from the billions your ”idol” politician stole from our coffers. Not even a single cent.

The story of Jover Laurio and his groom-to-be is a story of every Filipino in today’s dark and divide times. Though we may have our own views on certain issues but we must understand that we need to keep our relationship alive. In order for us to achieve our unified goal and to protect our own interests.

Divided we are weak. But united. We can be stronger. Better. You see? Tyrants hates a united people. Because unity destroys dictatorship. Time and time again. This is our greatest weapon and we may soon in time make good use of it when our way of life is threatened and our democracy is held in a knife-point. For all we know. The time is now.

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