Duterte’s relative blamed the flu virus as destabilizer of President Duterte

A Duterte relative and fellow Cebuano Maria Fema Duterte posted on Facebook that the recent increase of pneumonia cases in the country has since been due to a bio-weapons research designed to destabilize Duterte. If you want to ask who she is – she’s a kin of Duterte who’s been fortunately appointed as Nayon Pilipino board member.

“Is this mysterious Pneumonia Virus a biological weapons of mass destruction? – Former Nayong Pilipino Board Member / Duterte relative

The former Nayong Pilipino Board member Maria Fema Duterte had been fired by Duterte after being embroiled in a corruption scandal within Nayong Pilipino. It alleges that the Chinese company Landing Resorts Philippines Development Corporation (LRPDC) to lease a land would lead the government to lose at least P517 million a year.Although she was the one who exposed the scandal itself but it turned out that she’s been fired by Duterte by allegedly exposing the scam itself.


Is she hallucinating?

Maria Fema Duterte’s post has been made last January 12, 2018 and many were quick to respond by calling it down and saying it must be weather or its just that we’re currently getting a lot more people getting infected hence the spike of the infection rate.

But there’s no flu virus outbreak? Where did she get that info then?

Nevertheless, DOH Undersecretary Rolando Enrique Domingo has since downplayed rumors of a recent flu-virus outbreak in the country. Instead he reminded everyone to take good care of themselves since it’s flu season.


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