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Swarm of Chinese fishing boats spotted in our own Exclusive Economic Zone – Is Duterte this helpless?

We have known for quite sometime now that China has in fact encouraged many of its fishing companies and operators to come and descend upon our seas and plunder everything from it.  From overfishing, coral reefs, huge 100 year old clams, sea turtles and other endangered species.

Under the administration of former President Aquino. Many Chinese fishermen have been arrested for illegally fishing in our seas. Much worse when they start harvesting endangered species that is protected by Philippine law.

However, under Duterte. There’s been no arrests made against this Chinese illegal fishermen and even Duterte himself has ordered the withdrawal of our troops in key areas to fend off the Chinese fishing horde.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in partnership with Vulcan, Inc., released satellite imagery revealing the extent to which the Philippine exclusive economic zone is being used by foreign fishing fleets, most of which is from China. Above is a satellite image of Chinese fishing vessels at Subi Reef taken Aug. 12, 2018.

300 hectares of our own fishing grounds – encroached and forcibly taken by China. Our own fishermen were harassed out of these areas.
Economic losses seen to affect the Philippine economy.

According to Justice Carpio. The West Philippine Sea is a rich fishing ground which contributed greatly to our national stocks of fish harvest. In fact, should China continues to encroach and imposed ‘Chinese-only’ fishing in these areas then we could most likely lose more than 60% of our own fishing area.

This is despite our recent victory in the Permanent Court of Arbitration which China avoided and totally ignored.

Our recent win in the Permanent Arbitration Court is a landmark case which proves that China has no historical rights in the West Philippine Sea and therefore has no claim over its islands and reefs. To put it simply, China is illegally encroaching International waters and destroying Philippine coral-reefs so they can build artificial islands over them.

In theory, China can immediately circumvent the UNCLOS by stating that these artificial islands now allow China to impose its own version of Exclusive Economic Zone and territorial waters around it.

Duterte is the Philippines greatest traitor

Despite the Permanent Arbitration Court win. The newly hailed President of the Philippines. Rodrigo Duterte decided to stick closer with the enemy and gradually erode our claim in the West Philippine Sea. This is through billions worth of high-interest loan agreements to satisfy his friends and cronies in the Congress who would benefit from large-scale infrastructure projects.

Image result for duterte xi

In exchange, China would be able to strike a deal with the Philippines and allow co-ownership of the West Philippine Sea. Which is a direct violation to our 1987 Constitution. Such deal would further erode our rights and claim in the West Philippine Sea which should have been kept to benefit our children’s children.

China’s fishing swarm threatens to exhaust and damage our marine resources in the West Philippine Sea


According to this satellite imagery. It shows a massive presence of vessels in and around China’s outposts, particularly its two largest at Subi and Mischief Reefs. Two passes over Subi in August revealed 117 SAR returns within the reef’s lagoon and another 61 in waters nearby, including around Philippine-occupied Thitu Island just over 12 nautical miles away. Two passes in October showed an even larger but more dispersed number of returns, with 19 in the lagoon and 190 in waters nearby.

This shows that Duterte’s appeasement strategy is completely useless and that China’s actions in the West Philippine Sea has so far worsened

As China ramps up its constructions in the reclaimed artificial islands in the West Philippine Sea. So does Duterte’s warmer ties with China and even discouraging Filipinos to fight for the West Philippine Sea and instead give in to China’s demands.

Worth noting is when China started putting up anti-ship cruise missiles off a military facility near Palawan which puts ships as far as the sea of Mindanao at risk of being fired at. As you know no diplomatic protests has ever been filed against China despite its actions.

The helpless strongman of the Philippines. Is he Chinese slave?

Image result for duterte sadAs Duterte consolidates his power and strengthen his hold to the government by arresting his critics and attacking the freedom of the press. He also seeks to change the Constitution which will give him and his allies term-extensions and no term-limits. Also, easier excuse for a full-blown military dictatorship which would satisfy his cravings for more killing and mass-slaughter.

He also called God stupid and even openly criticized the Catholic clergy and threatens to kill bishops and priests.

He even continued his vile and indecent jokes like fingering his maid

Duterte even bragged that the Philippines should better be a Chinese province.

As it dawns on us. We were all expecting for change and that change never really came. All we get is random horseshit from a useless leader like Duterte.

How long do we keep ourselves busy with the non-chalant slumber when many are starving from increased taxes and worsening economic conditions in the country?

I hope we’d all wake-up from this nightmare. Soon.

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