We have lost the way..

I’m going to pour my sentiments all over this blog. Spare my grammatical errors. Heck, I admit. I don’t write perfectly. I am no writer. I’m just a Filipino. With love and concern for country. Though,  I do not expect that you would fully agree with me since we do have our own individual political biases and opinions — we stand by it. It’s that one thing that makes humanity so perfect because we’re free to be somewhat imperfectly real. To be us.

Hence why, I know that our opinions and political biases must be respected. Because we are living in a free society. This is the beauty of democracy. Where everyone gets to say whatever they like. Support whoever they want. I got that. I understand that you’re only enjoying what you’re supposed to be getting. The privilege of freedom. The very same freedom that many of our heroes died for. Our long lost patriots of long ago, perished under the dark silvery moonlit sky – along with them is a promise of a beautiful tomorrow which you and me are enjoying right now.
But i do would like to make this article to embody my ideas and true sentiments (than I used to). I want you people to understand what and why people like me would waste my time and energy doing all this. Why are we doing all these noises. Why do someone like me. Wants you to be very informed about political truths. The current state of our nation and why we should be paying more attention than we’ve never been for decades. My dearest millennial friends.

Who I am? It doesn’t matter – what matters is ”now”. What is happening now? Where are we headed next? The blatant lies. The glaring insults. The rampant corruption. The opaque and hollow promises. The illusion. The propaganda. How long do we have keep this all up? How long do we have invent stories and justifications to fill in the gaps and save his incompentence? How long do we have to blurt out these infatuated fantasies that only vile and gross politicians enjoy?

I supported President Duterte

I understand that we’d want to be more supportive to any sitting President regardless if we’ve voted for him or not because he was voted in by plurality of the masses. The people have spoken and we did a clean and fine election.


I supported him because I believe in his vision to rid the government of the plunderers as well as his ultranationalistic stance on the WPS issue where he promised to ride out a jetski and plant the Philippine flag in the Spratlys. Such act would have been unmatched by any other living President. Who would have had such balls to show to the world that WPS is ours? Even in front of the bulkier and well-armed superpower that is China? Who wouldn’t give a pass for that?

My 2016 has been full of optimism. I was glad at the bottom of my heart that President Duterte won the elections and also I’m happy that my Vice President Leni Robredo gets work with him. I want a better country. At first I really didn’t believe about the EJK’s but I’m really concerned. Just like anyone would be. Of course I’ve always been waiting for his Jetski moment and how is he going to make a great impact compared to his predecessors. I always thought that that he’s gonna be the best President. A fellow Bisaya. Someone that is very relatable to the people of the south. One thing anyone would have been very proud of.

He lied about WPS – it was only a deception

Of all things. I just didn’t expect that Duterte will not be asserting the recent PCA win that WPS is indeed under Philippine sovereignty and that China is illegally trespassing and building artificial islands within our own waters. Adding insult to injury – he plans to even go to China and spends time with the enemy. Such gross betrayal?! This is the same enemy who  for so all these years harassed our own fishermen in WPS, plundered our own seas and destroyed more than 300 hectares of coral-reefs which is home to many endangered species in our own oceans!? This is the same heartless enemy who threatened us with war and destruction for simply defending what is rightly ours?

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Till then. Things will never be the same. It was too much to take in. How would you feel being betrayed by your own President? So I decided to shut myself away in the humdrum ambiguous life routine. I didn’t want to participate in any debates or discussions defending the President as the act itself has irrepairably broken expectations.

I tried to speak out. But guess what did I get? Death threats and all sorts of harassments

I tried to comment on one article pertaining to the WPS issue and the China’s debt trap. Hoping that I would be able to express my dismay and also keep people informed that this isn’t the way to do. We can’t erode our PCA win and allow China to violate UNCLOS which itself is currently one of its signatories.

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But then it appeared too obvious. I was being tagged as a Dilawan. Hundreds of Internet trolls descended on my personal account. I was attacked. They took my picture and made fun out of it. Edited it and made it look like I was such an ugly and displeasing person. Not only that. They shared it to my friends, colleagues and to my boss. I was being maligned as a drug-lord or drug-user — simply because I expressed my dissent in the comment section. All of these happened in just a matter of minutes.

In my innate desire to fight back the lies. I was thinking of starting up Facebook page. And blog anonymously. This way, I could protect myself and family from harassment whilst being able to throw punches out and express my dissent or quash fake news proliferated by Duterte’s fanatical trolls.

So this is how Juan Luna was born.

Have people become zombies for Duterte?

Many people popularized the term ‘Dutertard’. Though as much as I do not want to mudsling such cheap attacks to people I disagree with but the truth is – such term seems to really define what many of our countrymen who fanatically supported him at all cost. Despite all his blunders, mistakes and tasteless jokes which puts our foreign reputation in jeopardy. In fact, the consequence of such actions is a huge decline of foreign investments abroad. Many of the investors gets to jittery in our countries political situation.

Related image

Most of all the things I hated was when he attacked many women of character. These aren’t just ordinary women. They dedicate their lives in service of the Filipinos. They whole-hardheartedly gave their best for us. But Duterte just disregarded all of these and used his dictatorial powers to evict, subdue and silence them.

His attack on the old and frail 81 year old Australian nun who’s been in the Philippines for ages. Helping the poor and the needy and supporting the government in its anti-poverty programs. Duterte had her jailed under inhuman conditions in a dark and cold cell. Where the police had become too agitated when her staff insist that she needs to take her medicine  etc.

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Then we have the currently sitting Senator De Lima. She stood against Duterte when back during her tenure as the  DOJ Chief. She investigated the notorious Davao Death Squad and its operations. In fact, she’s already so close in uncovering additional evidences in the Maa Quarry in Davao when Duterte’s caught whiff of it and cleaned the place up.

Using his unlimited powers. He then proceeded in threatening De Lima. His attack dogs in the Congress and Senate lynched her. They even made fun of her sex video and had it played in the sacred halls of Congress. Such gross display of shamelessness.

Duterte 6.4B Drugs, TRAIN Law, Bokbok Rice, Super inflation, Debt trap etc… etc..

It appeared that during his years in office. Nothing really has been done to better the lives of the people. It’s all just non-sense propaganda currently being disseminated by so many blog sites under his name. In fact, according to Vera Files. Many of these stories were even just manufactured lies to make him appear competent in the public eyes. So then people continues to share and believe these lies despite factual records and data showing that Duterte hasn’t really been performing well as the President.

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Still people’s fanatical views persists.

Duterte’s attack against Christianism

Much to everyone’s shock. Knowing full well that the large portion of Duterte’s support base has been predominantly Christians and Catholics. Here’s a few :

He made fun of God by calling him ”stupid”. He also called the Pope ”son of a bitch”. He fabricated fake stories against priests and nuns. He questioned the story of creation in the Bible. He questioned Christ crucifixion in the cross and how would such a God be treated in such way. It doesn’t end there. He even planned on imposing taxes for churches that displeased him — in his bid to control religion and quell dissent.

Image result for duterte god is stupid

Why do you still support a madman?

My dearest Filipinos. Like I said. I respect your opinion. But you have to understand the facts. Listen with your ears. Open your eyes. Don’t let yourself be manipulated and controlled by mere well-oiled online fakery.

Wake your common-sense. Pray. And be more vigilant. Our country needs you. Your friends or relatives may not be as woke as you are but you gotta wake up my friend. Times are changing. You gotta speak out!

Though many has lost their way. We can’t let ourselves down. We ought to be the shining beacon of freedom and democracy. When all seems lost. We gotta push on. Not only for ourselves but for the future of our children.

There’s still hope.

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